Top 5 Best Paintball Cleats in 2021

The most important thing during playing paintball is to have a proper grip on the ground. Especially when you are playing in muddy or wet fields, nothing could be worse than falling there. Also, while you are on a huge hill, the fear of sliding down bothers you a lot.

Hence, this question often pops up in your mind that is there any way to keep your grip strength on the battlefield? Well, you have an ideal choice that is wearing paintball cleats which are specially designed for paintball players.

Moreover, these have some distinguishing features which will give you an edge against your opponent. Like they are handy, have sharp spikes, and provide greater flexibility during play which enhances the chance of your victory.

For your assistance, I did extensive research to provide you a list of the top 5 best paintball cleats. So, without any further delay, let’s start!

Top 5 Best Paintball cheats

1. Hk Army Shredder 2.0

Want to have lightweight and comfortable paintball shoes? Or just searching for a durable cleat that is resistant to wear & tear? Well, whatever the case maybe you will get all of these features in Hk army shredder paintball cleats.

Let’s explore more about these wonderful cleats!

Perfect Spikes

The key feature about these cleats is their strong grip which makes them stand out from other products. Although they have big spikes, they are very comfortable in wearing and doesn’t bother you.

Air-Cushioned Heel

Furthermore, to provide you extra comfort during running and jumping, these cleats have an air pocket in the heel. Moreover, these are made up of breathable material hence, keeps your feet cool and sweat-free. Their mesh construction also supports proper flow and keeps your skin fresh.

Multiple Color Options

Another great feature is that these come in different colors including red, black, and blue. So, you can choose your favorite color easily however HK shredder paintball cleats red looks very classy. Furthermore, they are crafted with high-quality leather which makes them highly durable.

These are the perfect cleats that will make paintball a more fun activity for you. I highly recommend these because of their perfect stitching, breathable material, lightweight, and strong grip. Adding to this, they have a very affordable price so what else you could ask for?

  • Perfect grip
  • Easy to carry
  • Breathable material
  • Leather construction
  • Available in different colors
  • Getting the right size could be tricky


2. ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Shoe

It is important to save yourself from injuries during a play and it becomes extremely important in the case of paintballing. Therefore, you should always choose a quality product for your safety. ASICS men’s gel-venture shoes not only keep you safe on the battlefield but also very comfortable and provide better cushioning.

To know more about these paintball shoes, scroll down!

Affordable Price

Want to have good quality cleats but don’t have enough dollars to spend? Then this one will be the right pick for you as these are the cheapest paintball shoes available in the market. Furthermore, their quality is also satisfactory which make them worthy of purchasing

Gel Cushioning System

During paintballing you have to make dynamic movements sometimes so, proper cushioning is necessary. On the bright side, these shoes are equipped with rearfoot gel cushioning which absorbs the shock and harsh impacts. Hence, it provides you better grip and keeps your foot safe from injuries.

Quality Outsole

Even at this cheap price, it has good quality outsole which provides good traction and resistant to slipping. Moreover, they have good arch support and comes with a removable sock liner which is easy to adjust.

Thus, these shoes are great in all aspects, plus point is that their price is very affordable. Furthermore, they are durable, provide perfect cushioning, and works great on muddy trails. However, their only drawback is that they have average breathability otherwise these are excellent.

  • Cheap price
  • Better cushioning
  • Slip-resistant
  • Removable sock liner
  • Average breathability


3. HK Army Digger X1 Hightop

The HK army digger cleats are crafted for those competitive players who want to give their best on the battlefield. These have remarkable features including high top construction, comfortable sole, and integrated traction spikes.

Let’s study more about these cleats and figure out together whether these are worthy of purchasing or not?

Hightop Construction

The distinguishing feature of the HK army digger shoes is that they have high-top construction which provides superior ankle support. They come with a zipper mesh bag in which you can store these after use.

Also, you can use these in all terrains including grass, mud, dust, and AstroTurf so what else do you need?

Integrated Traction Spikes

Another remarkable feature of these shoes is that they have 15 integrated traction spikes so you don’t have to face the trouble of losing traction. Other than that high-density adhesive is used to connect their upper body with the sole which makes these highly durable.

Comfortable Sole

Furthermore, these are crafted with memory foam insole which makes them highly comfortable. Adding to this, they provide you better grip during playing and are resistant against slipping which makes them wonderful. Also, they don’t restrict your movements during the gameplay due to their unique flex contouring.

These specially designed paintball cleats will be a worthy addition to your paintball tactics as these are packed with exceptional features. Moreover, they are the best cleats for paintball and extremely durable so could be used for longer durations hence, a great product for the price.

  • Hightop construction
  • Extremely durable
  • Comfortable in wearing
  • Fitting could be improved


4. Columbia Men’s Redmond V2 Shoes

If you are the kind of player who likes to play in different terrains and wants to have universal cleats then this is the right choice for you. Furthermore, the Columbia Redmond V2 shoes are packed with impressive features which make these a decent purchase.

Getting curious about its other features? Just keep reading!

Sturdy Construction

Talking about their construction, these cleats are made up of 100% pure leather and have a rubber sole. Furthermore, these are light in weight so even if you wear them for a long time you won’t feel heavy. Also, they provide better cushioning and keeps your foot comfortable.

Highly Durable

The issue with most paintball shoes is that they don’t last long because of extensive and rough use. However, these shows can withstand the harshness of weather and can stay longer and that makes them the best paintball cleats.

Good for All Terrains

Other than that, you can use these in all terrains so you don’t need to purchase separate shoes for various terrains. Not to mention that this make these cleats a reliable source for paintballing. Moreover, their versatile three-season use is the key feature that you won’t find in any other product.

The Columbia shoes are the best universal option as you can use these in all terrains which makes them versatile. Furthermore, they have a good cushioning mechanism and can withstand harsh weather. So, order these now or purchase online and thanks me later.

  • Light in weight
  • Best for speed
  • Impressive grip
  • Perfectly comfortable
  • The price is a bit high


5. Salmon Men’s Speed Cross Shoes

Now comes the best paintball cleats which will help you to walk with confidence on the battlefield. As their name indicates, the salmon men’s speed cross shoes are best for speed. Other than that, these are completely synthetic, have a rubber sole, and comfortable in wearing.

To figure out more about these awesome cleats, track me below!

Comfortable Interior

While you are playing paintball, then it becomes vital that your shoes provide you comfort during the game. Otherwise, if your foot is not comfortable, you will be tired soon and can lose the match which you don’t want, right? However, these shoes are very comfortable in wearing hence, provides stability and flawless traction.

Aggressive Grip

On the bright side, they contain a contra grip rubber sole which provides you aggressive grip for making dynamic movements. Also, it is made up of 100% synthetic material and has an EVA midsole for giving you a better experience.

Various Color Options

Besides, the Salmon shoes come in multiple colors so you can easily pick that one that matches with your other paintball accessories. However, I will suggest choosing some dark color so that it doesn’t get dirty quickly on the muddy ground.

These shoes are specially designed for giving you the increased speed so best for fast players. Other than that, these have a comfortable sole, lightweight, and aggressive grip therefore, best for paintballing. With their flawless traction, you won’t regret purchasing this pair of shoes.

  • Light in weight
  • Best for speed
  • Impressive grip
  • Perfectly comfortable
  • Average looks


Buying Guide

Shoes are an important part of paintball accessories as they determine how sharp and dynamic your movements could be during the game. Therefore, it’s not wise to choose any product randomly without knowing its features and construction.

To keep you informed in this regard, here I have mentioned some important factors which you should consider. These will help you in choosing the best paintball cleats without any trouble.

So, let’s quickly jump into it!

1. Material Composition

The first and most important factor is the material of the paintball cleats with which they are made. Commonly, shoes are constructed with leather, synthetic material, and rubber. Needless to say, that you should prefer high-quality material and for this, you can read the product description.

Also, nowadays you can easily get the cleats which are made up of breathable material. This will be the best option as such shoes keep your skin fresh and moisture-proof by allowing proper ventilation.

2. Design

The second important factor is the design of the shoes and for it, you need to carefully observe them. Notice that if cleats have any flaws or weak points in their design? Either they can withstand the harshness of whether or not?

Prefer that which is not only good in appearance but also gives you great performance. For this purpose, I would recommend you to check the customer views as well so that you can have a better idea about the product.

3. Comfort

Adding to this, comfort is the most neglect yet very crucial factor to consider. Before purchasing try your shoes and notice that how do you feel after wearing these? Meanwhile, you should look for lightweight shoes so they could be worn for longer times without any trouble.

4. Grip

Other than that, the grip of shoes matters a lot so we can’t overlook this factor. If you will have a strong grip on the ground then your speed and stability will also be enhanced. Therefore, paintball cleats come with special spikes for traction which works great.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Needless to say, that having the best paintball cleats is essential for better performance in paintball. These not only keep you safe from injuries during the game but also provide extra comfort.

Among all of these paintball cleats, the HK Army Shredder 2.0 paintball cleats are my favorite. It is because they have breathable construction, perfect spikes, and air-cushioned heel.

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