7 Best Paintball Guns Under 200$ You Must Check In 2021

Paintball is a kind of game that comes with markers for everyone. Whether you’re someone who loves buying expensive and lavish guns or someone who is low on budget.It’s okay for people who can afford an expensive one, but what if someone is looking for a marker under 200$? No worries now, I’ve come with a list of best paintball guns under 200$ to help you start your paintball career. These markers are not only cheap but also exceptionally great when it comes to performance.

One might ask how I can choose the right one when there’re hundreds of markers under 200$. Well, that’s true that there’re many, but with the help of this review guide, it will take you only ten minutes to choose the right one for you. So stop thinking worrying about money and read till the end. I’m sure you’d be glad you stepped in here. But, before we go, there’re certain things you must keep in mind. Let’s have a look at them!

5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Paintball Gun

1. Power source

Most of the modern-day paintball guns operate with one of the two power sources. They could be either CO2 or high water Air(HPA). If we talk about CO2, its easy to refill for your CO2 tank than for an HPA tank. But you have to stay with paintball markers that are made for CO2. So decide which type of power source you need and then go for your first gun.

2. Features You Need

Features determine the cost of your gun. If you need a gun with a bundle of features, then it’s going to be costly as well. However, you should first make a list of features you need. Many people buy a gun with bungle of features and most of them aren’t even needed. So first know your need then make your purchase. You can save a lot of your money by knowing the number of features you need.

3. Maintenance

Maintenance is another great factor to consider before buying a marker or gun. Nothing can be more frustrating than to arrive at the field and realize you got a broken gun and don’t even have the faintest idea on how to settle it. If your markers break in the middle of the game, I am sure you are done for the day. So consider this factor before going to purchase a paintball gun.

4.Upgrade Potential

You need to upgrade your gun when you’re thinking to enhance the performance and abilities of your gun. It’s an amazing feature and helps you design your gun according to the needs and requirements of the gun. A good gun is always easy to upgrade and utilize. If you think you might upgrade your gun during the game, opt for a gun that can be upgraded as well.

5. Location

Location is also a great factor to consider. Are you going to play in a hilly area or a plain ground in your locality? Many people ignore this factor but let me tell you it’s very important to know the location where you are going to play as location decides the type of gun you should use during your game.


List of 7 Best Paintball Guns Under 200$ 2021

1. Tippmann TMC MAGFED

So here we go with our first one. You shouldn’t worry about the quality and performance when the marker is Tippman TMC. Why? Only the name Tippmann is enough to answer all of your questions. This company is very famous for producing some of the top-notch markers in the industry. It gives you enough strength to cope with all kinds of conditions in the field.


To begin with, it’s a magazine-fed marker but also comes with a dual feeding system. This helps in keeping your gun stable and precise all the time. In my opinion, these features are one of the best things about this marker. It gives you the opportunity to choose between the magazine and hopper based on your own choice. Plus, it’s the fully pneumatic marker.

Regardless of the feeding system, it always performs well and never disappoints you in the field. It helps you shoot fast than the other guns and always improves your accuracy. So if you’re thinking to get a perfect headshot, just use it for a while and you’ll see the difference. In short, it’s a fancy option for everyone who loves playing paintball game.

  • Dual-feeding system
  • Shoots fast and accurate
  • Improves performance with time
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Can be upgraded as well
  • Not a durable one for longtime use

My Opinion:

In my opinion, it’s great marker to get started with. It always stands apart from others and that’s because of its in-one bolt system. The design looks cool and sleek. The size may seem a bit larger, but it turns out to be very lightweight when you use it. The reviews about this product are great and people love the way it shoots.

2. Azodin Blitz 3

With a cool streamlined design and durable construction, one can say that Azodin Blitz 3 is one of the best paintball markers in terms of performance. It’s an advanced paintball gun model and features a solid and durable frame. So if you’re also looking for an all-rounder paintball marker, you should definitely read about Azodin. Let’s have a look!


If we talk about the construction material, it really stands out. It’s made up of nylon-reinforced composite material, which always ensures that you never come across any wear. It’s very light in weight and always allows you to carry your gun with much ease. The reliability is great and never disappoints even for a long time. It is always ready to accept every kind of challenge.

I’ve seen many good markers around, but when it comes to efficiency they aren’t that much good as we want them to be. This isn’t the case with this one; it always stays efficient and saves a lot on your gas. It does this by featuring an integrated seat which ensures the gun uses the least amount of gas. Not only this, it’s very powerful and incredibly quiet on the battlefield.

  • Streamlined and reliable construction
  • Shoots fast with a decent amount of paint
  • Powerful and very quiet on the field
  • Efficient in use
  • No quick clamp feed neck

My Opinion:

I bought this gun to play on a team together. I found it an amazing gun for the price. The quality is decent and delivers for the price. It’s very simple to disassemble and clean. Moreover, it shoots straight with decent paint. I would suggest you use quick release on feed neck. It produces little sound and can shoot as fast as necessary.

3. Tippmann Cronus Basic

Looking for something that comes with a high-impact body and excellent internal gas line? Here we go, the third one in our list is Tippmann Cronus Basic. It’s a great paintball marker under 200$ and always turns out to be a good investment. Perfectly designed for beginners, Cronus Basic is all about quality and performance. Let’s read about its features.


What I really like about this marker is its solid design and composite body. No matter what the conditions are, it appears as a king. The vertical grip system is designed to give you a solid and firm grip over the marker. It means you don’t need to worry about missing your aim. The front and rear fixed sights take the shooting experience to a whole new level of creativity.

It’s lightweight and works great even for kids. So if you are looking for a marker for your kid, just pick it up and enjoy. Furthermore, it’s reliable and easy to handle, thanks to its small size. You won’t face any sort of problem holding this incredible product from Tippmann. It works like a charm and I’m sure your son will love it as a birthday gift.

  • Perfect for kids and beginners
  • Small in size and easy to use
  • Reliable and durable
  • Vertical grips along with front and rear sights
  • You need to upgrade the stock barrel for accuracy

My Opinion:

A great marker for beginners. I bought it for my younger brother and he loved it. It’s a perfect blend of quality and performance and delivers what it’s intended for. I bought it a year before and is still lasting to this day. Though this isn’t the fanciest one, they are worth the price until you want to change to for something more stylish. Enjoy!

4. Tippmann Cronus Tactical

Another great gun under 200$ is also from Tippmann. This company has been coming with some of the best paintball markers under affordable prices. Cronus Tactical is very popular among people nowadays and the majority of the paintball players prefer it. The reason why it’s so popular is that it’s very sturdy, stylish and extremely accurate in the field.


It comes with a great in-line bolt system and excellent internal gas line. That’s why it’s ideal for both beginners as well as intermediate players. The high-impact composite body and vertical grip make it very accurate and user-friendly. Its very lightweight and never feels heavy in the field. Plus, a 6 position collapsible stock and carry handle with integrated sight make the game really fun.

With these features, you have the guarantee that you’ll enjoy your game with a relaxed mind. You don’t need to worry about the maintenance too. It requires the least amount of maintenance and lasts longer than other markers available around. Want to clean it up? Just open the marker and clean all the parts. Yes, it’s very easy to clean it up.

  • Works great for both beginners and intermediate
  • Needs little maintenance
  • User-friendly and adaptable
  • Comes at a very reasonable price
  • The material of collapsible stock isn’t good enough

My Opinion:

It works without any flaws and is quite impressive as well. It’s pretty user-friendly and always ready to fit in everyone’s hand who grabs it up. I found it very reasonable in price compared to other models in the stores. So if you want to save some extra dollars then go for it and save some of your precious money. Still waiting? Just go for it!

5. GOG eNMEy

Looking for another reliable paintball gun under 200$? I’m sure you’ll find GOG eNMEy a great marker in the field and will never feel disappointed with it. It works great for both amateur and experienced people. We can say that this is a marker for everyone. Are you fed-up of batteries? Well, there’re no batteries to worry about in the marker.


It comes with very fast and smooth operation, thanks to its vertical regulator that makes sure that the gas pressure is in a stable state, thus resulting in a consistent operation. It runs at 160 psi nominal and ensures that you feel little or no recoil in the field. Furthermore, it’s CO2 compatible and comes with an integrated relief valve that protects the valve components from pressure spikes.

It reduces all of your efforts to a very minimum level and that’s why it’s so famous. It’s very simple when it comes to maintenance and can be cleaned in seconds. It’s made of composite components and is both lightweight and durable. The design is simple on the exteriors and looks pretty much the same as the other exquisite and high-end markers around.

  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Elegant in design and feels light
  • Accurate and impressive anti-chop technology
  • Both for beginners and professionals
  • Lacks some of the advanced features

My Opinion:

I highly recommend this paintball gun under a price of 200$. I decided on this one and found it pretty much amazing. It looks good and light and leaves me with no regrets. Plus, it’s accurate and super impressive. One problem I found was the ball couldn’t feed perfectly from the gravity feed hopper, but it can be repaired as well. Go for this fantastic marker and thank me later.

6. Tippmann 98 Platinum Series

Another great product in my list is Tippmann 98 Platinum Series. It’s a great paintball and a perfect keeper. The best thing about this marker is that it can be customized in so many different ways. If you’re also looking for your first gun or one you can easily customize any time, this is your gun. It’s great for shooting at woods or targeting fast moving objects.


It’s a semi-automatic gun that delivers reliable performance every time you take it out on a game. You can easily upgrade it whenever you want to. You don’t need to spend much of your time in order to install something new, the split receiver design promotes quick access to the internal components. Want to add a carry handle and a scope? It can do that for you without taking much of your time.

Furthermore, like the above one, it also comes with Anti-Chop technology that always minimizes paint breakage. It means you don’t need to worry about your paint breaking in the middle of the game. The inline bolt system adds to the smooth performance of the marker. You’ll really like 98 Platinum and I’m sure your opponents will fear you.

  • Improves your gameplay a lot
  • The parts can be upgraded
  • High customization facility
  • Minimizes paint breakage risks
  • You can easily access internal components
  • A little louder

My Opinion:

It’s a kind of gun that can be used again and again. If you compare it with other guns, it turns out to be very efficient and easy to use. I never encountered any sort of problems with the chop balls. It fires quickly and always proves to be consistent. The construction is tough and has the ability to fight against harsh battle conditions. Go for it and enjoy the game in a new way.

7. AzodinKaos 2

Here comes another beginner level excellent marker under the price of 200$. I added it to the list because I found it very light especially if someone is thinking to start playing paintball. It’s a good entry-level paintball that always exceeds your demands. It allows you to use it in many various settings and playing conditions. Let’s read something more!


It comes with amazing features as there is a 12-inch barrel that guarantees a smooth operation. The pop-valve system is simply amazing and very easy to work with. The design is very simple as there are very few moving parts, thus saving you a lot of time. There are no firing issues with this gun and never come across any kind of leaks issues on the spring.

In addition, it allows you to easily assemble and disassemble the parts. Doing all such things take you seconds and allows you to play your game with a confident approach. If you ever need to replace the O rings or clean it up, it won’t take much of your time. Thanks to its lightweight profile, the internal parts move freely and never create any sort of trouble when you fire.

  • Flexible and reliable performance
  • Fits into every kind of situations
  • Features a few internal parts
  • Minimum recoil and lightweight
  • Accurate up to a long distance
  • A bit loud

My Opinion:

Nothing can beat it when it comes to finding a marker for a beginner that is pretty much reliable and easy to use. I liked the way it minimized the recoil and resulted in a smooth operation. I am sure you will also like the level of comfort it gives. Rubber grip frame panels are also a plus point in this marker. In short, nothing could a better option than this one.


I know it’s not an easy task to find the right marker under 200$ especially when you’re a beginner. People get confused with the features and things that are not familiar to them. But you can do yourself a great help if you carry proper research before buying your first marker. I tried my best to deliver the best markers under 200$ and I’m pretty sure it has helped you too.

All of the markers are added to the list after thorough research and analysis and are second to none. So read all the markers carefully and then decide which one perfectly meets your demands and desires. Whatever you choose, it will be able to add value and experience to your game. Best of luck!

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