Top 8 Best Paintball Gun under $300 in 2021

Paintball is one of the most exciting and fun games which you will enjoy to play with your friends. However, let’s figure out first that what makes this game an exhilarating activity?

During this game, you target your enemies and attack them with the help of paintball so; this all gives you a feeling that you are a part of a real battle. This will channelize your inner energy in the right way and you will love to play it.

The first thing which you need for it is the right paintball gun marker and you need to choose this carefully as it has a great impact on your performance. Luckily, it’s possible to get a paintball gun at an affordable price and all you need to do for it is that, read this article carefully.

As this article will provide you a complete guideline on the best paintball gun under 300 therefore, without any further ado, let’s quickly jump into it!

1. Tippmann TMC Paintball Marker

Best Paintball Gun under 300

Tippmann TMC is the latest and one of the best additions in paintball markers as it has exceptional features that will lift your game. It has greater accuracy, is built with super-quality, and is very popular among paintball players.

Appealing Design

TMC is the mag-fed version of Cronus which is a nicely built gun and has a reasonable price. Aluminum is used for constructing its central body and other tan parts are made with nylon. But the handle is made up of plastic so, it is a bit weak and prone to breakage.

Great Accuracy

Not to mention that the key feature of TMC is its unbeatable precision as it provides you great accuracy with its economical round balls. With the help of its 12-inch barrel, you can target your opponents easily from as long as 150 feet distance.

Mind-Blowing Shot quality

It works on blowback style which functions at tank pressure hence, operates on about 750PSI which gives mind-blowing shot quality. An additional girth is used on the marker which helps to reduce the shot noise by dissipating the sound.

Durability and Warranty

The body of TMC is made up of superior quality so it is long-lasting and highly durable. Furthermore, its marker is easy to use and it comes with a one-year warranty.

  • User-friendly switch feeding options
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Reasonable price
  • Attractive appearance
  • Complicated disassembly

Overall, Tippmann TMC is an ideal product because of its wonderful features and you will hardly find any flaws or difficulty in using it. Hence, it is the best paintball gun for beginners as well as for intermediate players.

2. Tippmann Stormer Tactical .68 Paintball Marker

Best Paintball Gun under 300

Want an ideal paintball gun that offers you the best value in return for your money? Then Tippmann stormer tactical .68 is the right choice because of its amazing features and durability. It has lightweight, made up of high-quality material, and best equally useful for beginners as well as intermediate players.

High-Performance Barrel

It has a sturdy design as aluminum is used in its construction and its barrel is 8.5inch. The key feature of this paintball gun is its high-performance barrel which helps you to shot at long distances with greater accuracy.

Very Precise

If your paintball gun is not precise then it is useless as precision greatly impacts your performance in battle filed. However, Tippmann stormer helps you to make precise shots for winning in the game.

Easy to Use

It comes with a wide array of upgradeable features which ensures that you can easily learn to use it as a beginner. Furthermore, as you improve your paintball skills, you can also upgrade them to conquer your battles.

Other Traits

Other than these admirable features, the price of the Tippmann stormer is also very affordable. Hence, if you are new to this game and don’t want to invest much in it then this is a great option to consider. Commonly it is used for scenario play and woodsball.

  • Fully customizable
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to maintain
  • Good Accuracy
  • Less Co2 usage
  • Little heavier

Therefore, this is a great paintball gun and its amazing feature is that you can customize it anytime according to your needs. Because of its accuracy, easy maintenance, and best performance, I highly recommend this paintball marker.

3. Azodin KP3.5 KAOS Pump Paintball Marker

Best Paintball Gun under 300

The Azodin KP3.5 pump marker helps players to give stunning shots and slick operation. Along with having stunning looks and effective performance, it has wonderful features for making you ready to enter the challenging world of paintball.

Sturdy Construction

Its whole body is made by using aluminum while the construction of its frame is very amazing. The frame is prepared by using dual ball detents and dual cocking rods which gives smooth as well as reliable pump strokes.

Quick Release Bolt

Also, it has a quick-release bolt which helps you to make the right shots on time during playing paintball. Besides, a rock-steady regulator is used to supply air and its pull-pin release bolt ability makes it ready to play right after unboxing.

Best Pump

The key feature of this marker is that it has the best pump for price and comes with excellent color selection options that are unbelievable. Moreover, the pump stroke is smooth, consistent, and works great without any flaws.

Other Features

Besides, it comes with a two-piece barrel with two becks, on/off ASA (Air Source Adapter), lever locking feed neck, and other essential accessories which make it a great product for the price. It helps players to pump easily and without any trouble therefore, an excellent option to consider.

  • Stunning looks
  • Effective performance
  • Wide range color selection options
  • Best pump in the market
  • Don’t have an auto-trigger

Azodin KP3.5 has very unique features like a smooth dual rod pump, wide range color selection options, two-barrel backs, and on/off ASA. It is packed with tons of high-end features and its price is very affordable so what else you could ask for?

4. Maddog Tippmann Cronus Tactical HPA Paintball Gun

Best Paintball Gun under 300

Maddog Tippmann Cronus Tactical not only looks good and shots good but also reliable for long term use. Besides, it has a great design and ability to survive in various environments hence, worth purchasing.

All in One Package

The special feature of this paintball gun is it’s all in one package which includes one Tippmann Cronus Mislim-styled paintball gun and gun case. Furthermore, it contains barrel squeegees, a heavy-duty remote coil, an anti-fog paintball mask, and standard paintball pods.

Stunning Performance

Besides, it has lightweight, composite construction and its marker is of high impact so you can do wonders during playing a paintball game with its help. Also, it is designed by keeping in view the needs of paintballers so, extremely useful for them.

Best in Quality

It is packed with quality features for enhancing your control over it as it has molded rubber grips and an internal gas line. Furthermore, it contains four Picatinny rails which helps you to modify it quickly and easily.

Ready to Use and Warranty

As it comes with all needed accessories so for starting it, you just have to fill the tank with some paint and all set. Therefore, even those people can use it easily who don’t know much about paintball game. Also, it has a one-year warranty and provides you technical support throughout the year.

  • High performance
  • Low maintenance
  • Contains all needed accessories
  • Best for beginners
  • With a mask, you can’t focus on front and rear sights

Tippmann has always amazed us with its highest quality paintball guns and Maddog Cronus Tactical is another masterpiece by it. With its all in one package, low maintenance, easy to use features, and incredible quality it is very popular among paintball players.

5. Planet Eclipse EMECK 100 Paintball Marker

Best Paintball Gun under 300

Emeck is an entry paintball marker that is very reliable, durable, efficient, and provides you best shot quality. On the bright side, the Gamma core bullet system is used in it which is only available in expensive guns so, this feature makes it a great product for the price.

Efficient Trigger

What makes the planet eclipse EMECK paintball gun so useful is its efficient trigger. You will love to use it because it has a hinge style trigger that is easy to pull and hence, helps you in shooting fast without any hindrance.

Exceptional Bullet System

Another great feature of Emeck is its Gamma core bullet system which is very smooth and shoots great. Also, it is of low pressure and just bulletproof so I think it is the best paintball gun under $300 with its quality features.


It is very simple to assemble and even if you are playing in an extremely cold atmosphere, its marker works efficiently. If you are the kind of player who is used to shooting brittle paint then go for Emeck because it taps paint all day.


Paint goes effectively where you want to shoot it and this makes its performance better than other non-gamma core markers.

  • Easy to use
  • Super convenient to maintain
  • Effective and consistent shoots
  • Gamma core bullet system
  • Pal loader feed neck is absent

Ok, so there is not any other great product available for beginners except Emeck in this price range. It will help you to have a lot of fun during the game but it doesn’t contain pal loader so you will need to buy it separately.


6. Tippmann Stormer Elite .68 Dual Fed Marker

This is another great paintball gun by Tippmann which provides you greater accuracy in paintball game. Because of its precision, it will be easy for you to win the games and keep your morale high on the battlefield.

Unique Design

Also, it has a high-impact composite body, and Air Source Adaptor (ASA) is mounted on its bottom area. This not only gives it a unique design but also make it reliable for long term use. However, its weight is not light so you can have difficulty carrying it during the game.

Switching Mode

The distinguishing feature of Stormer Elite .68 is that it offers you different modes for switching during play. Like, you have the facility of either convert it to hopper or can use it as magazine-fed with different looks.

Flawless Performance

If you are a beginner and confused about whether you should use mag fed or not then this gun will resolve your issue. As it is wonderfully designed and helps you to shoot on larger distances easily without jamming.

Impressive Quality

Tippmann stormer elite .68 quickly gained popularity because of its high quality and we can say without any doubt that it is one of the best paintball guns available in the market. Furthermore, it is unique, customizable, has two different modes and its marker works great.

  • High impact composite body

  • Reliable in-line bolt system

  • Can switch between loader and mag feed

  • Mid-range

Although it comes with three different variants, I preferred this one because it is equally useful for all including beginners as well as other players. Also, you can upgrade it whenever you want to increase its potential.

7. Tippmann Cronus Tactical Maker

Don’t have any experience in paintball and confused about what to purchase? Then I will recommend you to choose Tippmann Cronus Tactical without any confusion or doubt. It has astonishing features that provide you better grip and a comfortable experience during gameplay.


Talking about its specifications, it has a 9-inch stock barrel, 3.7 pounds weight, open bolt blowback, and .68 caliber. Furthermore, it comes with the mechanical trigger, OP tactical exterior of black & tan desert, and gravity feed for paintballs.


The key feature of Tippmann Cronus is that it is very easy to customize as you can modify it by using multiple rails. The issue with most paintball guns is that these don’t offer you many exciting options but this one is exceptional as you can turn it into any type of gun you like.

Unique Trait

It provides you greater accuracy as it doesn’t chop the paintballs during a game. Needless to say, that chopped paintball affect accuracy and you need to put extra effort into cleaning it thoroughly but this is not the issue with Tippmann Cronus as it is updated according to your needs.

Affordable Price

The surprising thing is that Tippmann provides you this high-quality product at a reasonable price so you can afford it even if you have a low budget.

  • Easy to use

  • Reasonably light

  • Accurate

  • Disassembly and cleaning are easy

  • Paint could be leaked sometimes

According to its price point, this gun is great and it is lightweight so you can handle it easily. If you want more accuracy then you can look for any other product. But otherwise, its quality is great than most expensive guns.

8. Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber Paintball Marker

Now comes the one which is not only easy to use but also easy to carry and is upgradeable. With its unique features and better accuracy, Tippmann A-5 .68 is one of the best products available in the market which doesn’t limit your movements on the battlefield hence; you can enjoy your game.

Unique Construction

Many improvements and modifications are done to improve it’s quality then previous guns. Now it has a red dot scope and an adjustable stock with which you can completely change the way of using this gun according to your needs.

Other Specifications

Also, this paintball gun comes with an 8.5-inch barrel; cyclone feed system, 150-foot effective range, and mechanical trigger. Furthermore, it uses compressed air/nitrogen as a power source and its overall weight is 3.12 pounds.


If your paintball gun is heavy then it becomes difficult to make precise movement during playing. However, this gun is lightweight so you can easily move with it during playing.


Most of the paintball guns have a one-year warranty but the bright side of this gun is that it has two years guarantee. Therefore, you can save your money by purchasing it as in case of any issue during the first two years of use, you can claim its warranty

  • Easy to upgrade

  • Doesn’t break paintballs in barrel

  • Use less Co2 then other paintball guns

  • Easy to move around with

  • Trigger pin needs improvement

If you are a beginner and don’t want to spend much money on a paintball gun then Tippmann A-5 .68 is a great quality product to consider. Along with having affordable prices and customizability, it has the guts to make your paintball sessions more enjoyable.


Buying Guide

Although nowadays you have plenty of options for purchasing paintball not all of those are worth buying. Also, when you are looking for the best paintball gun under 300 then you need to make a wise choice so that you don’t have to regret it afterward.

To help you in this I made a list of some important factors which you should keep in mind while looking for your dream paintball gun. Please read these carefully and then decide which product you have to purchase.


The first and most important factor is the material of paintball which is used in its construction. Mostly plastic & aluminum is used in their construction but you also need to keep in mind the strength, durability, and quality of the material of the paintball gun.

Shooting Power

If you are interested in playing paintball and don’t want to lose the match then don’t forget to check the shooting power of the gun before buying it. Look for the fast one that can effectively shoot at a larger distance, and read all the specifications before making a final choice.


Another important feature is the weight of the gun which greatly affects your performance during the game. Make sure that it is comfortable to carry while moving from one place to another. Generally, paintball guns of 3lbs or less are useful and easy to carry around.


Every player has different preferences and demands so, it’s not sure that a paintball gun that is useful for your friend will also be useful for you. Therefore, you should purchase that one which you can customize according to your needs.

Firing Round

Examine how many rounds your paintball gun can fire in one minute as it is of great help. To give you an idea, if a paintball can fire a minimum of 12 rounds in one minute then it’s good.


1. Do cheap paintball guns are good to use?

There are some parameters which affect the quality of paintball gun including price but we cannot say that cheap paintball guns are useless. As some low-priced paintball guns provide you great quality.

2. Does it hurt when you get a shot?

Yes, getting hit by paintball hurt a little

3. Can I reduce the pain of getting hurt by a paintball?

Various cushioning materials are available for this purpose like special gloves, helmets, and knee covers.


It’s important to choose a good quality paintball gun for making your experience of playing paintball more exciting. Now it’s time to end our article on the best paintball gun under 300.

Although all of these products are great I will recommend the Tippmann TMC paintball marker because of its lightweight, accuracy, and quality features.

If you like reading this article then share it also, don’t forget to give your valuable feedback.

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