Top 7 Best Paintball Hoppers of 2022

In paintball, the selection of equipment is important. A golfer should select the best clubs according to their criteria. The Hopper Paintball is the same as the action of the goal. The overall outcomes of the game were influenced by the efficiency and pace of the Hopper Paintball.

You’ve got to get the finest hopper or arms. Can you do some screening before the final collection if you want to purchase a decent Hopper or Paintball device?

A crucial aspect of a paintball gun is the Paintball Hopper. The right decision for Paintball Hopper to be a better player must be created.

Paintball Hopper, also known as the Loader, is a mechanism linked to a Paintball gun used before being loaded into the fire chamber to carry paints. The efficiency of Hopper is measured in rounds per minute (bps). The feed rate is very reliant on the Hopper.

1. Proto Primo Paintball Hopper / Loader

Proto Primo, equipped with patented technologies, is the best gravity-fed hopper on the market today. It’s one of the best generators with no batteries needed. In this way, the positive feed output stops strain from being generated by the paint. It would decrease the danger of friction.

A separate spacer for double-speed paintball feeding is situated above the jaw. The loader makes it easier to fire the paintballs at the target quickly. It provides the Gravity Feed Hopper with a direct vertical feed. When it comes to fitting weapons, this magazine is amazing and great.

For ease of reloading in a crisis, this package has a clear cover. This arm can hold at least 200 paintballs, including four shades (black, blue, green, and red). The Proto Primo is roughly the same as the pricey electric charger. It can fire approximately eight paintballs per second.

In return for their deals, customers want them more. It can be maintained easily. Regardless of the temperature, the book is the same, even in cold weather. It is unbelievably durable and made of hard plastic. Breakage was certainly not a thing to think about, either.

  • Durable high-grade plastic built
  • Operate smoothly without battery
  • Double feeding speed
  • Offer consistent vertical feed
  • Easier reloading
  • Reduce the jam risk
  • Provide higher feed rates
  • Heaviest than others

2. Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader

Don’t forget the Electronic Paintball Loader Dye LT-R. The best website that has the best apps for players is LUCC. In this way, the hoppers earn a very favorable premium price.

It’s a hero who uses patented technology for DYE loaders. This is an impressive system with superior reliability and higher feed speeds. The mechanism allows the rim to hold more than 30 balls per second, for example.

To power this unit, three AA batteries are required. You’ll be able to count 80,000 balls fired as soon as the battery comes in. The nature of the low-profile shell means that the balls easily hit your firing mechanism. This is something that would certainly double the chance of accomplishment.

There is less labor to do as cleaning becomes another tool. Assisting in assembly and disassembly is extremely convenient. By simply pulling the tab and pressing the button, these units are elementary to clean and manage. By pulling back a single lever, a jam can even be fixed.

Made from waterproof material, this is a result of practical and high quality. Control of the torque through the clutch is also fast. The Black Ops feature also offers the option to turn off the LED indicator in low light conditions when playing. You understand the fact that it’s top upgradeable, faster feeds, and has a color palette.

  • Effortless cleaning and maintenance
  • Power-efficient battery and easily upgradable
  • Low power alert systems
  • Manually adjustable torque
  • Power efficient and easily upgradable
  • Reliable water-resistant coated board
  • Sudden jamming issue

3. Virtue Spire IV Electronic Paintball Loaders/Hoppers

There is a reasonable price for the outstanding electronic paintball hopper, The Virtue Spire IV. This tournament hopper is quick to use and provides impressive results. It’s one of the best carriers of paintball that runs smoothly but never jams.

I believe so much in the hinges. The most comfortable way to unload your baggage is potentially this. Putting the model together and taking it apart, I find it simple. Both fun and time-saving are changing batteries, pace-feeding, and cleaning. Only push the button, and it will reveal the secret. Anything without walls is going to happen.

This makes them say that 35 percent smaller than other rivals is their driving mechanism. To make it more affordable and user-friendly, the architecture was revamped. Removing and s right is easier because there’s a magnetic connector at the edge.

With a single hinged unit, such trunks may extend their lifetime. It requires both 180 and 230-gram paintballs to be used. It does not add any extra weight or height. The groundbreaking dual-LED refill indicator Virtue Spire IV is known to let you know when the paintball level is down.

This gadget is perfect because the software app comes with it. On your iPhone or iPad, you need to make it open. With a bigger Smart Spring Ramp, this cart is well built to enable feeding at different angles.

  • Durable design for easiest loading
  • Quick disassemble and set up
  • Faster feeding and sag-proof reliability
  • Speaker and LED for notification
  • iPhone and ipad app for programming
  • Smart spring ramp for operating at different angles
  • Less power is efficient
  • Slightly tricky to install the color kit

4. Virtue Spire IR² Electronic Paintball Loaders/Hoppers

The new customers are enthusiastic about this platform that smartphone users will use. The software operates for Android and iPhone devices, and the hopper can only be monitored via your computer.

A lot of his ideas have been formed by this Morality Spire. You know you have all the Virtue Spire hoppers with this jam-proof technology, but they are much more portable and lightweight than the others. Because of how clever this technology is, people would like to pair their smartphones with their paintball games.

Some people appreciate the respawning alternative, while others find it irritating because some will be warned when out of the competitions. The Virtue Spire III, plus the ability to link to a mobile app, has all the best stuff from the first Virtue Spire! What else would you want? Check for the loudness to reload the alarm.

  • Easy to use
  • Great aesthetic
  • Comes with an included smart spring ramp
  • It can hold up to two hundred and eighty rounds
  • It has a reload alarm that alerts you when your supply is running low
  • Included lid is fragile
  • It can be difficult to sync the hopper to your smart device

5. G.I. Sportz LVL / Level Loader 250 Round Expander – Black / Olive

The LVL loader is simply the basic gear of the system. The GI Sportz LVL toy is made of durable plastic shells. And they’re not easy to break if you’re a frequent player. As for other high-end loaders, it is simple to dismantle the LVL. It can quickly be disassembled.

This is how you can use the lock on the Apple iPhone 6 and 6+. It is possible to assemble the hopper in the same way as the original supercharger.

The internal tray, on the other side, can quickly be removed and placed back in place. The loader has the best possible system for load control. Rotating the rubber ring serves to direct the paintballs into the paintball gun’s automatic process. The ring holds the attached hopper tightened to it.

Four AA batteries found in the battery pack must power the chargers. A little plastic tab includes the battery pack in the tray. You can change the feeding mode to allow various feeding speeds to range from the lowest to the highest. You can, though, be a little bit quieter. To a lot of people, it has both high efficiency and affordability. It is a slim and thin form that is easy to bear.

There are several characteristics in the hopper that make it easy to run and handle. In all kinds of circumstances, it was scheduled to perform well. Jamming in an electronic system that is jam-resistant is removed, and the danger is minimized.

  • Lightweight
  • Low profile design
  • Easy to clean
  • Anti-jam feature
  • Good capacity
  • Hopper might fail to load occasionally

6. Empire Paintball 200 Round Loader, Black

Empire’s 200-Round Hopper with more capacity is back. Unique polymers make up this unit. Owed to constant production lines, you get a consistent commodity.

This is meant for players with more hardcore and play-style patience. Several times, The Empire Blaster was kicked about. It never ought to have been hit.

It’s a regular hopper only. Simple to administer, successful outcomes, you get what you pay for. As all the holes are gravitationally fed, do not overload this hopper. With this vacuum cleaner, there is no skilled work involved. It does what it is meant to do at just a fraction of the expense of electronic products.

  • Durable
  • Nice capacity
  • Affordable
  • Basic design

7. Tippmann Cyclone Feeder System for Custom 98, Alpha Black Elite, and Project Salvo markers

The Tippmann Cyclone Feeder System provides the Project Salvo, Alpha Black Elite, and the Custom 98 marker series with strong results. Electrical protection is simple to use and does not require batteries.

At a maximum speed of 15 balls per second, the paintball filling mechanism can be worked efficiently. It will feed high-speed sprockets and an air suction system into balls.

Its lightweight, large neck makes carrying it very convenient. Up to 200 paintballs can do this, and a quick-release elbow is added. The method of installation is rapid and clear.

Most people say this paintball hopper fits well on the concrete as used. High-speed weapons can incur harm and injury. For thin plates, there is even moisture tolerance.

  • Convenient and easy to use system
  • Reduces the risk of damage and jams
  • Supports more synchronized ball feed
  • Easy to install
  • It can hold up to 200 paintballs
  • Over-dependence on air to work

Choosing Paintball Loader for your competition level

There are various paintball levels, each of which includes a hopper of its own. To help you pick one, also check out our best paintball marker post.


You don’t have to spend a lot on supplies if you’re a beginner. A light resource with a low structure is important to search for. For those who are not weighted or driven, you should vote. Such versions do not need a battery and are entirely dependent on the device’s movement.

Single models with a low feed rate of around 8 balls per minute and motorized models with a speed of 16 balls per minute have been noticed so far. Typically, e-loaders are free from glitches and jams.

Medium Range

These apprentices are meant for those who are professional but do not believe themselves to have learned skills. Beginner models, because of their sophisticated features, are more affordable than intermediate models. A significant part of the game is the target of the gun.

These helmets are fitted with sensors that monitor the balls’ movement. The two of them are released in unison before the shot comes.

We also speak about cyclone models that, based on the collection of cyclones as input, can be effective and accurate. These hoppers, since they’re powered by gas, don’t need batteries.


If you’re playing professionally, making an advanced hopper is important. There is a broad feeding capacity for these hydraulic models.

The unit has a well-designed motor that avoids glitches and offers reliable performance. Controls of software mean nothing happens.

What To Look For When Buying Top Paintball Hoppers

Dimensions and Weight of a Loader

Look for a paintball hopper that fits the number of paintballs that you want to hold. The hopper’s scale is not important. You have to choose one that’s close enough to fulfill your needs.

It is possible to contain at least 50 balls in an accessible container. Hundreds of balls can be handled by the advanced model at the same time. When the enemy is still running about, you can shoot.

Using lightweight hoppers to save weight is preferred. Not the strongest, or the hardest, but the most powerful, are all these hoppers. The larger hopper would obstruct your speed, though.


It is necessary to decide whether or not the marker will hit the chosen paintball hopper. As a result, most paintball hoppers are made to match most of the arms.

But if the very hopper you want to buy suits the norm, you need to be careful. Theoretically, you could avoid costly returns by taking care of yourself. This assures the alignment of the marker with the hopper.


We recommend choosing a hopper that matches your personal tastes for your paintball marker. Take this into account if you just want the arms and hopper to be compliant with each other. Various colors are available, so you can quickly pick the one you want.

Another advantage is that the hopper is lightweight and sleek, making it easy to handle, and inside the hopper, you can play paintball.

Rate of Fire

When selecting a bullet, look for a few that offer a high velocity to the muzzle. You need to consider what triggers conversations or incidents.

For the standard starter hopper, we propose a mid-range variant. Beginners need to start just a bit.


Another critical factor is durability. You should look for an automatic hopper that can survive a malfunction. It is meant to be able to tolerate adversity.

Are you involved in electric hopper procurement? It relies on a patented technique of painting that feeds into the feedback of the color. You can make use of gravity-based working models. To handle the ups and downs, make sure they’re well enough.


To assure the life of the hopper, you can use the right stuff. There are a variety of issues here.


It is one of the world’s lightest materials commonly used. They are cheap, but they are durable and environmentally. Despite being waterproof, it can quickly get muddy.


It is a material that is very valuable and lasts a long time. The shoes are in excellent condition, really.

Polycarbonate Fiber

A variety of materials, such as clay, are made from hoppers. It is a food container that is strong, durable, and lightweight. This feature makes the paintball much smoother and easier.

Speed Feed

It’s a key aspect of the system of paintball guns. The lid of the hopper holds this piece of equipment. It appears wide and circular, making charging easy.

The simple-to-use mechanism means that as traditional hoppers, the hopper is not as time-intensive. For most paintball guns, this jacket can be worn.

Feed Rate

You’ll need a hopper if you’re a paintball expert. You can quickly shoot items if you have strong hoppers. Such machines are reasonably priced and have ample capacity to make the game stand out from others.


There are some similarities between the various hopper systems brands, but variations should be treated carefully when setting up a system. The hopper has an engine and a drive system and works regularly. Pick the right thing for you.


On the market, hoppers are available at various prices depending on the form, material, brand, etc. You will want to buy a high-quality regulator if you’re a paintball expert.

If you play paintball once a month, buying an affordable hopper is a smart idea. Based on our experience, budgets, and skills, we should make a sound decision.

Danger of Jamming

The hopper could be trapped between the machines, maybe. Ensure that the hopper is capable of anti-jamming.

This feature should have the best paintball gun, but some inexpensive paintball guns would have it, too. It is completely based on the nature of the containers holding the trays.


These hoppers may have a capacity of 20 balls per minute, and others may have a capacity of 200 balls per minute, respectively. It all depends on the need for it. You can play at a low level of difficulty if you’re a beginner.

With a capacity of at least 200 balls per minute, you would like to use a hopper. In this way, you will be able to continue paintball guns tanks to the massive hopper capacity. This is something that varies according to the game’s length. Full-fledged arms are recommended for those who play more often.

Water Resistance

When there are so many players in the business, paintball is pretty messy. So, if the hopper that you use isn’t waterproof, then it’s worthless.

Make sure you purchase a hopper that is “water-resistant” You’ve had the comfort of a long life with this, which still fits well.


Any commodity today has a guarantee. The hopper must have a warranty for at least one month. The fact that it’s healthy and stable for your income. The longer the warranty is, the better the reliability.


This is a valuable guide to installing and acquiring solar panels to harness solar electricity. The decision to perform a comprehensive analysis to identify the best paintball dealer on the market is smart.

In your checklist, you can verify the integrity of each hopper. To be a powerful paintball player, verify your physical abilities. This will help you find the right hopper that suits the bill correctly for your point.