Top 5 Best Paintball Loader 2021 – Buying Guide

A paintball loader is one of the most important options a paintball player has to make!

Even the world’s most sophisticated weapons do not perform well if they are not ideal with the right paintball loaders to hold the paint as fast as possible. Putting the incorrect paintball loader on the paintball firefly can lead to less fire and even worse loss of paint!

A paintball gun with which he has done his best and holds the player behind him in the game makes the right paintball speed loader, so let our experts help you find the best paintball loader to fit your needs!

Are Loader Looks Important?

Esthetics isn’t just about relying on the paintball you’re looking for. But it’s excellent to pick a hopper that at least vaguely complements your paintball marker. You can find a hopper of all manner of colours, shapes and sizes, so if you take the time to look at it, there is no barrier to choosing one more or less perfect for your marker.

The form of the hopper, apart from pure aesthetics, affects the paintball’s manoeuvrability and pace. A more minimalist style, especially during business operations and long fixtures, would also make handling easier.

1. Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader

I think the DYE LT-R electronic paintball hopper is one of the better choices for you if you want the electronic kind. In my experience, the use of patented DYE loader technology is one aspect which distinguishes the DYE LT-R from the rest. This technology blends durability with high functionality and excellent feed speed.

In reality, I have learned that you can fire more than 30 balls a second. In the Department of Battery Efficiency, I still find this remarkable. It’s partly because to power it, only 3AA batteries are needed.

The hopper will count more than 80,000 spheres while the batteries are in use. It also has a tool-free maintenance centre. Users will benefit from a simple, highly intuitive and quick assembly and disassembly method with this feature. Also, by pressing a button and rotating the lock tab, you can quickly clean and control it.

What’s much cooler about this electronic paintball hopper, as its sealed board is water-resistant, is its ability to stay entirely operational for some time. With its customizable torque feature, it is also simple to manually alter the torque settings.

In the view of small or evening games using its black-op feature, you should also be happy that the hopper lets you switch off the warning light. However, one thing is that it’s likely to jam, but just by turning it upside down and pulling the mechanism, you can easily solve this problem.

  • Good functionality, reliability and outstanding feed rate combined.
  • Extremely reliable battery
  • Fast to assemble and disassemble
  • It comes with a board with a waterproof coating.
  • Adjustable torque required
  • Prone to jamming


2. Virtue Spire IV Electronic Paintball Loaders/Hoppers

In terms of efficiency, The Virtue Spire III, an additional remarkable option I want to bring to future electronic Paintball Hopper users, will never let you down. It’s one of the high-end loaders you can find, so it’s a safe, easy-to-use guide.

The new paintball hopper hinged shell technology is one thing I particularly love. I assume that this equipment is one reason why the hopper is easy to disassemble and reset. The battery and feed speed can also be adjusted and cleaned in just a few seconds.

It can also be inferred that this hopper’s lifetime is long. When you see the combined front, back and top shell with only one hinged assembly, you can see the toughness. It also has a wide range of rounds of 220 or 280. Without adding extra height and weight to the hopper, this is done.

I am also delighted that the lid can be replaced with the most powerful speed feed in a couple of seconds. It also includes excellent feed efficiency, longevity and retention of paint required by most customers. The colour kit can, however, be very complicated and difficult to use.

  • Made to be safe and simple to use
  • Fast disassembly and install
  • Ensures a high-performance ratio
  • A high range of 220 or 280 rounds is increased without rendering them heavy
  • Improves outstanding feed quality and durability
  • Installing the colour kit is a bit challenging


3. Tippmann Cyclone Feeder System for Custom 98

Finally, the Tippmann Cyclone Feeder System is something I would like to suggest. The Salvo Project, the Alpha Black Elite and the Custom 98 Paintball will probably do well. Basically, it’s a simple, user-friendly device, providing the battery doesn’t have to be used.

It is also proud of its air-assisted loader technology that can feed paint up to 15bps to your paintball gun reliably (balls per second). As a synchronized ball feed is ensured, the hopper air unit’s sprocket also has great benefit.

It will also reduce the chance of breakage and jamming substantially. Another handy thing to use is your big mouth. With a quick-release elbow, it can withstand up to 200 paintballs and can be replaced. The installation process, too, is simple and fast.

Customers of any paintball hopper believe that it matches well in the paintball world. In fact, without worrying about not feeding the hopper, it can fire at a rapid pace. It also has a quick feed rate and a mechanism for jam clearing. Without any problems, it can also operate in a storm.

However, one downside is that it depends too much on air for the operation to fail due to a super low air tank.

  • The method is simple and easy to use
  • It decreases the chance of disruption and corrosion
  • Encourages more organized ball feed
  • Up to 200 balls of paint will carry
  • Relies too much on air to work


4. Proto Primo Paintball Hopper / Loader

An excellent option is the Proto Primo Paintball Hopper, particularly if you are looking for a low-cost and cost-effective choice. It certainly suits for those on a budget.

This loader’s advantageous advantages are that it works best when shooting by arranging and drilling paintballs—continuous vertical feed results in this.

Its capacity is appropriate, and up to 200 paintballs can be treated. I think it is much more noteworthy about the cargo because you don’t have to care much about the battery life display or battery life. You’re not going to see the features listed above that seem to suggest that your battery is low and handy in strength.

That is a gravity hopper, and it is not an electronic hopper. And without the engine and battery, you would expect it to run smoothly. The fact that this paintball hopper relieves the paint’s pressure is another thing that’s so cool. It will minimize the risk of jams.

I am also delighted to report that this hopper provides customers with higher feeding rates. It also promises a seamless method of reloading with a transparent spring lid. It also has a wide opening that enables it to blend well with the proto alpha pods. It can fire more than eight balls per second.

However, you must still be mindful that today’s Proto Primo paintball hopper is larger than most hoppers.

  • Available at a fair price
  • The risk of jams can be reduced
  • Encouraging increased feed rates
  • Provides a vertical feed that is more stable
  • And without the engine and battery, it all works smoothly
  • Heavier than other hoppers


5. Empire 2017 Halo Too Paintball Loader – Black

At a low price, the Empire Halo is available. Like this jumper, too many beginners are easy to use, and if you want something decent at a low cost, it could be your pick.

In one second, Empire Halo feeds 20 paintballs, and their performance is superb and relatively fast. It is highly recommended for anyone new to paintball to get his past documented. Many shots fired with this are precise and have an unbelievably silent belt. It also has a good method for reloading that is easy to use and hassle-free.

If you want to play the first paintball war, do it. It won’t slow the whole game down. Uniquely, this hopper is quick and pleasant to reload. Since they have anti-jam capability, you don’t even have to think about jamming paintballs. The paintball hopper version is really promising and would not have fooled you.

  • Effortless usage
  • Accurate shots
  • No risk of jamming
  • Extremely quiet belt
  • Force-feeding mechanism
  • Perfect and simple reloading mechanism
  • Can be difficult to disassemble at times


What To Look For When Buying A Paintball Loader

Paintball loader is not made in the same way, as mentioned above. Based on the following variables and qualities, you really have to compare the paintball hopper extensively to increase your chances of making a sound, wise decision.

1.  Size And Capacity

For the number of paintballs, you prefer, either find a paintball hopper or a loader with the best scale. You don’t have to purchase the largest paintball hopper on the market right now. You ought to check for one that’s just the right size.

An effective hopper is actually capable of holding a minimum of 50 balls. For much more competitive paintball players, the perfect hopper has more than a hundred bats. And if the opponents are still re-loading, this size makes you shoot.

2. Weight

The weight of your decision is now quite important. You are urged to go for lightweight hoppers. Please remember that the older hopper models seem to be weighing you down. You’ve got to look for hoppers that have not been designed to be more modern and lightweight with that in mind.

You don’t want to block the movement with the weight of the hopper, do you? The aim, then, is to look for one that weighs only under a hundred pounds on the market.

3. Level Of Competition

The competitive quality is another important consideration, as you’re still on the shopping stage for a fresh hopper. You should invest in a beginner hopper, powerful and available if you are only an occasional player.

But if you’re playing nearly every weekend, the mid-level version is the great hopper. This will give you the advantage that your teammates and friends need to impress. Anyone who takes part in a competition is a must if you’re a professional paintball enthusiast.

4. Compatibility With Your Gun

You should also make sure that the chosen paintball hopper is consistent with your current paintball rifle. The positive news is that the majority of paintball hoppers are now made to fit most weapons.  None of them will, though, be expected to be consistent with your own marker. You should ask if the exact hopper you want to buy fits the model in that way and makes a paintball or a rifle.

This compatibility will reduce the chance of costly returns. It would also make sure that your hopper suits your marker.

5. Style

Find a hopper with a pattern that suits your paintball arms exactly, if possible. This is extremely valid if you’re someone who wants to align your gun and hopper specifically. Keep in mind that paintball trenches are usually available in many shades, so choosing one appropriate for your gun is not that difficult.

6. Firing Rate

You are also told to try to find out what the fastest paintball hopper is. Please remember that you’re going to have to balance the paintball area with your quick trigger finger. The best hopper is typically a mid-range or high-end hopper for you in this situation.

But if you’re new to the field, and you’re all right to use your paintball gun to kill your opponents slowly, then you still have a new version.

7. Durability

It is also wise to study the life of the paintball hopper before making a call. Many hoppers are mostly made of plastic, but the composition varies from one form to the next. Translucent plastic hoppers are normally weaker in most situations.

Go for someone who is not going to be at risk of cracking or breaking up. You should be able to deter the paintball weapon from blasting and attacking it. It typically depends on a proprietary device that feeds the paint into the gun and feeds the neck whether you have an electronic hopper or loader.

You can also see several models noted for their gravity dependence. Others, on the other side, both spin the paint and shift it down the body. Ensure the crashes and shoots are avoided by the inner parts of these models. The outer part should be able to cover the interior as well.


Let’s hope that this post will strengthen your knowledge of the best paintball hoppers. It would help if you looked at both the positives and drawbacks of the multiple paintball loaders now.

By comparing the benefits of each of them, you will make a wise decision. Only look for the most significant things that were discussed before your order was placed.

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