Top 10 Best Paintball Mask Reviews 2021

Are you eagerly anticipating bringing your paintball hobby to a whole new level as a beginner? Friendly speaking, youngsters are very impatient these days. They want to be experts overnight rather than being skillful.

No need to worry the buying guide is here to advise what is best suited to the beginners. So, they don’t get hurt on the battlefield without preparing for their protection. As it is essential to stick to the safety rules, the best paintball mask is a safety port.

Furthermore, a paintball mask has designed to protect the eyes, nose, ears, and even your throat guard. Mask is well-equipped with a thermal layer with an outer scratch-less coating that makes you safe from distant paintball fires.

Best apart, its lens doesn’t fog so rapidly and cannot get overheat, makes it super friendly. It is light in weight and comfortable to wear for a prolonged time, a paintball mask with all the features guaranteed you to dominate the battlefield.

Most players are worried about the budget because we fix in mind that feature-rich products must be costly. So, to ease your worries, we enlist down the top-rated paintball masks that are well within your budget.

Top 10 Best Paintball Mask Reviews of 2021

Let’s dive into their hallmarks so that it will be easier for you to find out the best one.

1. Dye i5 Paintball Mask


Let’s get started with an outstanding and the most reviewed brand Dye Goggle line. It comes with the next evolution in Dye i5 paintball goggles with an ultimate eye and face protection technology.

Let’s talk about the product in detail, So that you will be aware of the next purchase yours.

Heads up POV Mount

Dye i5 has integrated with the POV camera system. So that buyers can play with the confidence that you are capturing every single moment of the battlefield. Furthermore, the POV mount is aligned right parallel with your sight to help you attach the camera firmly.

Rapid Lens Change

i5 shares a whole new profile than the lens of previous generations, as the quick lens change system; allows the customers to change their lens within seconds. This feature makes our product more clear, comfy, effortless, and quick-witted.

Anatomic Fit

One of the best features of the dye i5 paintball mask is that it has a good grip on all facial contours. I5 is designed in such a way that it provides long-lasting comfort while ensuring safety. With its anti-slip design, it distributed force evenly all around your head that doesn’t cause fatigue.

Anti-Fog Thermal Lens

Along with providing you quality protection, masks have made up of anti-fog thermal lens giving the player ultimate optical clarity. Trio dial horizon 290 degrees anti-fog lens has set the standard for the other brands to follow for a complete unmatched performance.

  • Sound Catch
  • Multi-directional venting
  • Wireless communication
  • GRS Pro Strap (precise tension control System)
  • No full head coverage

Final Verdict

In my opinion, dye i5 has been designing for the art of winning as they electronically upgrade the game. Luxurious i5 full face paintball mask provides comfort and ultra-soft touch while simultaneously ensuring security.

2. Virtue Ascend Thermal Paintball Goggles


Are you a professional and looking for the best protection paintball mask? Then VIO thermal paintball goggles are very light in weight, comfortable, and flexible. Furthermore, virtue paintball goggles provide ultimate protection without busting on budget.

So, without any further ado, let’s start with its specifications and find why it should be in your cart next.

Streamlined Facemask Coverage

To satisfy the needs of customers the VIO lineup comes with an addition to their product. The streamlined profile covers every sensitive part of the face. Thus, it enhances the high-end performance. Besides, they are smooth enough without making you feel uncomfortable.

Breathe, Ventilate and Talk Easier

On the bright side, it comes with multi-directional venting that helps in easy breathing. That means you can communicate well while playing on the battlefield. Furthermore, even if you wear this mask for a long time, you can breathe and communicate well because a too-tight mask causes headaches.

Anti-reflective Coating

Together with its anti-reflective coating, it makes the vision more clear and sharp. Anti-reflective coating reduces the reflection from your lens, which optimizes your vision spectrum. This feature is a huge plus, which adds more to its durability and worth.

Flexible Mask with Rigid Protection

Another great feature is that these are flexible, which allows you to move freely. A flexible mask guarantees rigid protection to the sensitive parts of the face against hard injuries. Overall, this works best and much better than previous generations.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Pro-level comfort
  • 100% UV protection
  • Durable and protective
  • No ear pads

Final Verdict

If you prefer quality over price and want to get the best paintball goggles. Then consider purchasing these. It is designed especially for professional players with an upgradeable strap and replacement foam. I highly recommend you to buy this mask, and I am sure you won’t regret buying it.

3. Empire Helix Paintball Thermal Lens


The third and most outstanding product is the empire helix thermal lens because it is comfortable for people wearing glasses. Overall, these are cheap thermal lenses and fit nicely.

You can view the hallmarks in detail listed below. So, you can get an idea about the next purchase yours.

Adjustable Strap

Another great feature is its adjustable strap so; you can adjust it according to your facial contour. Straps stay tight while playing while ensuring security against head injuries. These lenses have designed with grey and black vents logo straps that make them more breathable.

Dual Pane Thermal Lens

Furthermore, the dual-pane thermal feature enhances its productivity by preventing this lens from fogging. This way thermal lens provides the player with ultimate optical clarity without any distortion. It is cool as a starter, but it is not worth taking in the worst conditions because it gets fog up.

Dual Density Foam

The distinguishing feature of a thermal lens is the dual-density foam that makes it much superior over others. Dual-density means one foam is of high density that disperses the blow, and the other is low dense that absorbs the impact while laminating together. This attribute aids the foam to soak sweat within seconds.

Other Accessories

Other than above, its firm plastic makes it more praiseworthy for protection. Changing lens practice is easy, allowing you to change your lens within seconds. Providing you a full-fledge package, for sure, it is a hit along with its durability.

  • Fog proof
  • Lightweight
  • Extra protective
  • Rapid lens change
  • Poor-fitting at the nose

Final Verdict 

Hence, we can say that the paintball mask for glasses is best because of their great value for money. It provides you high quality and better protection on the battlefield hence; worth purchasing.

4. Virtue VIO Anti-fog Paintball Lenses


Now comes Virtue VIO products with improved visibility and streamlined face mask. Even as a beginner, this product is of great help, as it has a bunch of quality features. Furthermore, there is much more than just a fog resistant thermal lens and its unbeatable protection.

To know more about the paintball lens, keep reading the article, and find why it should be on your wish list.

High-End Comfort

Likewise, they are also light in weight, ventilate properly, hear undoubtedly, and large field of view. Thanks to their quality performance because of which they are highly comfortable without creating any trouble.

Stealth and style

It looks great in the soft colors, and its pro-level profile makes playing paintball an exhilarating activity. VIO offers you a list of attractive colors and quite good options for visor stealth fans. Its versatile design makes it in demand of top professionals across the globe.

Proven Features

Besides, virtue VIO paintball lenses are all in all a perfect gadget with rapid change, fog resistant 100% thermal lens, and UV protection. As virtue’s vision statement reflects that, it has built to win. Remarkably, it makes the player, winner for an extended period.

  • Stays in place
  • Well communication
  • Wide field of vision
  • Wide variety of styles and colors
  • No easy way to affix GoPro mount

Final Verdict

This paintball mask with a fan is close enough to perfect, and you will love to have them. Furthermore, it is a high-quality product and is well within your budget. They will be the perfect choice for paintball players.

5. JT Spectra Flex 8 Thermal Goggles


Want the best quality paintball mask, but don’t want to go for intense research? Then your quest will go to an end here. You should choose JT spectra goggles as these are outclassed for protecting you from hard injuries and provide you an exceptional quality.

Let’s dive into its description and find why you should choose this product.

Full Head Coverage

As head injuries lead players to death bed, but these thermal goggles provide you ultimate protection. So, the player can play with more confidence knowing that the headaches are no more.

Removable Visor

As a professional player, you may know the importance of a visor. Most players are looking for a product with a removable visor. So, they don’t need to buy a separate one. JT spectra flex comes with built-in a removable visor. Well, you can carry it in uttermost weather conditions.

Dual Foam Co-molding Technology

Besides, it comes with a dual foam technology that enables it to ventilate in all directions. This way, it keeps your skin moisture-free while playing games. Deep down, the dual foam provides the player an Ultra-fitting, protection, comfort, and enhances the performance.

Other Traits

Above all, its revolutionary cranial enclosure provides some extra protection to the cranial parts. This trait makes it more superior over other goggle technologies.

  • Glass friendly
  • Upgradable
  • Distortion-free field view
  • Integrated ear protection
  • Limited colors

Final Verdict

Well, these are outstanding enough to purchase because of their exceptional protection technology. Moreover, these are well in range if you want to buy a good shock absorber.

6. Empire X-ray V2 Protector Goggles


Are you looking for the best unisex paintball goggles? Then you are at the right point because the X-ray protector lens is enough to ease your worries. They are well-equipped, protective, and highly comfortable goggles so, why settle for anything else than it?

Multi-port Ventilation

While using cheap protector masks, there is no proper venting system available that causes suffocation. Empire V2 is a highly recommended product because of its multi-port ventilation. It keeps you from overheating inside because it causes serious breathing issues.

Anti-scratch Lens

Thermal lenses are specifically laminated by an anti-scratch coating that decreases the intensity of scratches while accidentally falling.  Also, this anti-scratch glazing accredits the lens for an optimized 260-degree field of vision.

Chin Strap

On another side, it comes with an adjustable chin strap so you can adjust it according to your facial outline. Moreover, it will fit perfectly, and you can play your game with full zeal. Chin Strap is removable too. So, you can remove it if feeling discomfort wearing it.

Multiple Features

Above all, Empire x-ray v2 lenses also hold some built-in quality features like a single pane anti-fog lens, and its ergonomic design enhances comfort.

  • Warmth
  • Echo Proof
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Helmet is too deep

Final Verdict

Hence, we can say that full face paintball mask is best for beginners as these are light in weight, durable, protective, and above all low-budget. So, buy these without any confusion as they are worth taking.

7. Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggles


Paintball lenses are near to perfect because these lenses are the result of combining the best features of Empire E-vent and JT Pro-flex goggles. Well, these lenses also assure a satisfying fit and are best for long term use.

Let’s dive into its trademarks so that you will be aware of the quality features of the product.

Echo Proof

These paintball goggles contain new e-flex Thermo foam that protects earpieces. This way, they allow the consumer to communicate well without any interruption and providing consumer ultra-comfort.

Eye Foam

Pro-flex ultra-comfort foam is assembled near the eye area to give them some extra protection. If unfortunately, the eye gets injured, it will be a loss to the player. Fortunately, their replacements are also available online.

Durability and Flexibility

Furthermore, this one comes up with prolonged durability and flexibility that make it a best seller product. That is why because it keeps you safe against the paintball shots that can hurt you fatally. Other than that, it is flexible enough that it is easy to fit without making you feel any discomfort.


It is the point to ponder for most paintball lovers. But no worries at all, this mask comes with a solid 1-year warranty. That means if you find any issues before the one year, get it replaced. Feel free to call them, because customer service is their top priority.

  • Fog Proof
  • Superior optics
  • Easy to Breath
  • Excellent protection
  • Low-quality foam

Final Verdict

If you want to be a professional, you cannot go wrong with the Empire E-flex paintball goggles if these are well in your range. You will feel comfy wearing these goggles because they don’t fog up on a humid day.

8. Bunkering’s CMD Paintball Goggles


The BK paintball goggles come with a stylish outline in different colors made of microfiber. It helps to keep the mask moisture free and make you feel cozy. Furthermore, the mask is hard enough that it will absorb all the impact instead of your visage.

Let me help you to find a better product for your next battle you are planning to fight.

Soft Silicone Grip

For maximum safety, soft silicon creates grip for a tighter fit. Well, this grip aids the mask to reduce the pressure over the head. The BK command silicon grip covers the Air Pods to keep you warm.

Glare Reduction

Moreover, the Bunkering’s goggles have enameled with an anti-reflective coating that reduces the reflection of light and optimizes the field of vision.  This nonmetallic surface provides you with 100% UV protection.


Best apart, CMD paintball goggles come in different colors with different styles. A designer bag is also available in the package so; you don’t need to purchase a separate one.

Quality Parameter

These paintball goggles have built with VIO thermal lenses that can be changed rapidly even during the game. Furthermore, every component had designed so proficiently to give the best performance in all conditions.

  • Soft facemask
  • Supreme comfort
  • More secure fit
  • Bighead, and glass friendly
  • Expensive

Final Verdict

I highly recommend this mask to anyone who is looking for a new paintball mask. The comfort, ventilation, design with its entire quality features make it a top tier. Hence, it proves itself one of the best available.

9. GI Sportz Grill Goggle


Are you looking forward to a first-class product? So, don’t hesitate and keep on reading and find why it should be in your paintball kit.  GI is at the top of the mask list because of its bold innovations with a sleek and tight look.

Let’s have a look at its features so that you will be aware of the next purchase.

Sleek Spherical Lens

Well, GI Sportz’ 3D lens shape give it bold innovation over others. It makes it optically clear over a wide range of fields. One more point I want to mention here is its anti-scratch coating allows unrestricted peripheral vision.

Full-Flex Pro Grill

As I mentioned earlier, grill goggles have built with some newness full-flex pro grill is the one. It is a central soft rubber area that bounces back maximum the paintball fires. I would recommend this mask to anyone fond of playing paintball.

Hard Target Design

Besides, it’s all features this feature is itself an innovation that reduces the target zone and makes it perfectly flawless for a super-tight play. Wearing this mask, the player neither feels discomfort nor distraction.

Very Comfortable

Players are looking for highly comfortable grill goggles these days. That is why their breathable fabric makes you feel relaxed during the battlefield, keeps your skin dry, and supports proper airflow.

  • Durable
  • Not Scratched
  • Easy to fit
  • Overall good midgrade mask
  • Difficult to remove Visor

Final Verdict

I wish I knew my words pretty enough to describe its remarkable innovations. The paintable mask for glasses mask is super comfortable and durable until a misfortune to this. In my opinion, do yourself a favor and add to cart it now if it is a ting of your demand.

10. Push Unite Paintball Goggles


As I reviewed the product, I got that this product is much better than a pro-flex. The Push unites manufacturers always come with such an outclass product that no one can beat them in quality and innovations.

Let’s have a look around its trademarks so that you should be aware of its features.

Protective Case

Fortunately, it comes with a protective case so that you can make sure its safety when not in use. A protective case is of high-quality leather so, it can withstand any uttermost condition even, falling from a height.

Adjustable Nose Bridge

However, it comes with a completely new feature adjustable nose bridge that I have not covered in any above-described products. You can adjust the mask according to your needs with the help of an innovative magnetic chin strap while playing paintball.

Quad Layer

Coming towards its other features, those are the quad-layer that plays the role of both anti-fog and anti-reflection coatings. Additionally, the quad-layer superbly takes its vision spectrum without creating any distortion.

  • Superfit
  • Easy to wear
  • Pro-level comfy
  • Multi-layer padding foam
  • Not Budget-friendly

Final Verdict

You hear zero echoes even of your voice and a perfect see-through it owns. Above all, the badass best paintball mask is the most comfortable, wide field of vision, and almost looks, killer. So, in my recommendation, you should make a purchase now.


 Buying Guide

While you are looking for the best paintball mask then you cannot choose any product randomly. Because there are some key features which you should keep in mind before making a final decision.

To help you in this regard, here I have mentioned some important factors which will help you to get the best pro paintball mask. Just go through this guide carefully and then decide what you have to purchase. So, without any further ado, let’s enhance our knowledge!

1. Comfort

Imagine you are ready to fire during a paintball battle and your mask slides away from its place. Or you just have bought some low-quality mask which is not comfortable enough to adjust. How will you feel then?

Of course, it will be annoying right? Therefore, always look for that mask that is not only comfortable but also fits on your face easily. Furthermore, it shouldn’t create a hindrance in your movements during the game.

2. Fog Resistance

Other than that, your mask should have resistance against the fog. At present many brands are coming up with anti-fog masks that will be the best choice for you. Don’t ignore this feature; otherwise, you can face some serious trouble because of blurry vision due to fog.

3. Ear Protection

Also, you should try to keep yourself as much safe as you can because it hurts when paintball pellets hit. Likewise, your ears are sensitive, and hitting on them can lead to serious internal damage. Therefore, choose those masks which also protect you with ear-protection pads.

4. Lens

The heart of a paintball mask is its lens because only a good quality lens can give you clear vision. Also, it helps to locate your opponent so you can hit them quickly as soon as you see them. While other low-quality masks will create hindrance for you through reflection and glare.

5. Durability

Adding to this, paintball masks deteriorate quickly because of frequent use. But there are some which are made up of durable material so those stay longer. Therefore, look for the one which is made up of hard plastic, resistant against tearing, and can withstand harsh conditions.

6. Weight

Also, you have to carry your mask during paintballing so if it will be heavyweight then it can bother you during a game. Ideally, it should have 1.5 to 2.0lbs weight so it will be easy to carry and wouldn’t affect your performance.

7. Ventilation

Other than that, a good paintball mask should allow proper air-flow. It is because heat and moisture are generated during breathing which needs to vent out properly. Otherwise, it can generate fog on the lens which will create trouble for you afterward.

8. Chin Straps

During paintballing, sometimes you have to make dynamic movements therefore it’s vital to have chin straps on it. Furthermore, they provide you greater safety and keep the mask fixed in its place. That’s why always prefer that mask which comes with comfortable chin straps.

9. UV Protection

Most paintball players remain out in open areas for longer durations. Therefore, your paintball mask must have a protective coating against UV rays. Furthermore, it will keep your eyes safe from the harsh impacts of rays so what else you could ask for?

10. Scratch Resistance

Needless to say, those scratches also affect your vision, therefore; purchase a scratch-resistant mask. However, good-quality masks are capable of absorbing the adverse impact so they don’t show any scratches. Also, it’s important for your safety so you shouldn’t neglect this feature.

11. Coverage

Masks vary greatly in terms of their coverage however the wise choice is to choose a full-coverage mask. No matter whether you are a beginner or professional, you should prefer a full-coverage helmet. Because it provides you greater safety by properly covering your face, jaw, and neck.

Faqs on Paintball Masks

The easiest and convenient way to stop your mask fog up is to spray an anti-fog mist onto the inside of your lenses so vapors will no gather on the mask.

Following are the four easy steps to paint a paintball mask.

  1. Take apart your mask.
  2. Pick out a pattern that you want to use.
  3. Use the knife to cut out the patterns in the stencil.
  4. Paint your mask and put it back together.

Virtue VIO paintball goggles- Conture II, XS II

Its choice has based on the top user reviews, high rated performance, and design that tackle the air and proper venting system.

You can attach a camera through two openings at the top of your paintball mask. Add two bolts for a secure fit without interfering with lenses. Additionally, if the mount feels a bit unsafe, try adding washers at the vent side. Use one thumb screw for perfect adjustment and camera alignment.


For efficiently playing paintball guns, it is vital to invest in some good quality best paintball mask. For saving your time and efforts, I wrote down this article, which will guide you in a best-suited manner.

After intense research, we have got the best paintball mask covered within an affordable range, but we never trade-off the quality. We have tried hard to cut down your heavy research in the best possible approach.

In my recommendation, my vote would like to go for the JT spectra flex8 thermal masks because of their exceptional features. If you still have queries, then drop your points in the comment box. It will be my pleasure to help you out.

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