Top 10 Best Paintball Pants 2022- Ultimate Buying Guide

No matter if you are a professional or a beginner as going into the field without any protection is very unprofessional behavior. While dressing you for the play, there are many things to consider. Visors and vests are mostly the main options the players firstly opt for the get-up.

However, as you grow up in the game you start realizing the importance of paintball pants. So if you want to push your performance up, you must look for the best paintball pant. While buying paintball pants, there are a few things that you must keep in mind.

Therefore, I am here to make you aware of the key points that you should remember while buying a paintball pant. I have brought the list of top brands as well as to lessen your worry regarding the best paintball pant.

As of now, it is just one click away from you so, let’s dig into the details.

1. IDOGEAR G3 Combat Pants

Undoubtedly, it is the fact that material has the main role in making good quality of the product. Therefore, I will suggest IDOGEAR pants that have the best quality and that don’t easily rip out.

Comfortable material

As I mentioned above that material is the most important element which makes the product quality. So, it is obvious; you need the proper gear to enjoy paintballing where comfort is the primary concern with the comfortable paintball pants. Then, G3 Combat has brought their latest collection to you.

Also, combat pants have launched their latest design and stuff of the paintball pants with 50% polyester and 50% cotton material.

Latest design

These are the newly designed combat pants that came up with the facility of the removable knee and elbow pads. These pants have a waist and knee pad adjustability system just for your comfort so, you can easily adjust them according to your figure size.

Moreover, it has the stretchable elastic that is gracefully embedded in it and is made especially for military battle.

Best market value

Besides, these paintball pants are available at the best rates and have good fame as well as the name in the market. Moreover, their online website has a good selling rate though, thus you should not worry about this brand’s loyalty.

  • Polyester and cotton material
  • Most stretchable
  • Best quality
  • Size adjustment available
  • Best rates
  • Out of stock

Final verdict

Therefore, it is the only brand in the market that has gained so much fame and name As this brand takes care of its customer choice. Now it’s your choice what you want to have, good quality with better rates or bad quality with high rates.

2. ZAPT Tactical pants

There are many reasons why someone needs to have a pair of tactical pants. While searching online, you must have gone through many brands but here the brand I am going to introduce to you is different and best.

Let’s have a look at its details!

Best material combination

Best quality polyester and cotton are used in their stitching and design. But not all pants available in the market are with this combination. They usually use a common polymer that is neither comfortable nor stretchable.

Also, it guarantees durability, breathable, and heavy-duty with 12 pockets, double layer fabric, etc. it offers metal YKK zippers.

Boost up confidence

Besides, these tactical pants are much stretchable and thus take care of your comfort. These pants offer you elasticity with good elastic in the waist, crotch, and knees. So, now it would become easy for you to fight with full confidence.

Best Performance

Tactical pants are known for their more stretching ability and movement at the lower waist and knee area. But, there is no need to adjust these pants with the help of a belt because according to the manufacturers it is unnecessary to unease yourself.

Hence, the tactical pants offer their best quality material to encourage you for the best performance.

  • Double-layer fabric
  • Durable
  • Heavy duty
  • Rugged metal zippers
  • comfortable
  • Only coyote brown color available

Final verdict

If you are looking for a sturdy pair of pants that are very quality rich, these tactical pants are worth looking into. Thus, you must consider ZAPT tactical pants as the best choice that you will make now. So what are you waiting for? Go and shop now.

3. KELME Soccer Goalie Pants

KELME Pants provide durable design and fabric with the promise of comfort. Therefore, if you’re a soccer player and want to have something best and easy to wear, then you must shop these KELME pants.

Let’s know more about it!

Air-dry uniform

KELME has launched its new brand for soccer players that these pants are much comfortable. As well, moisture-wicking technology in these pants is applied to make sure that these remain cool. It is light in weight and proved to be the best for matches as well as for practice.

It is supposed to be one of your choice that’s why I have brought to you the things that you wish for.

Pro keeper apparel

These pants are made with such finishing features that it is 100% durable and breathable. So, its breathable characteristic makes these pants cool and dry during the game and helps the player to play with ease and confidence.

So, there is no doubt in the fact that KELME soccer pants are the bestselling paintball pants of 2021.

Strings for size

Also, it is available in standard size and the size adjustability is available both for females and males. These pants are thickly padded with a comfortable cushion on the hip area. Hence, if you are concerned about reliability, design, and comfort, then these pants are worth buying.

Hence you must have these pairs due to quality, conformability, and durability.

  • Cushion pads on the hip area
  • Comfortable stuff
  • Breathable material
  • Keep shape after washing
  • Adjustable size
  • A bit expensive

Final verdict

KELME goalie pants are designed as a pro keeper kit and along with their durability and fashion design, you will feel at ease.

4. IDOGEAR Combat Multi-cam Men Pants

IDOGEAR G2 combat pants are made of high-quality material with a combination of cotton and polyester. It ensures elasticity with the military level plastic. Hence, provide a water-resisting coating that wicked out the moisture thus remain cool and dry.

Best tailoring design

It has a multi-pocket design for your feasibility with detachable knee pads. These pants can be used for multi-purpose like hunting, military wear, and many more outdoor and indoor activities. The main specialty of this pant is its lightweight, soft, breathable, unique design, excellent performance, and sweat absorption.

Shock-absorbing power

Are you sure about the pants you wear are much strong to bear battle shock? Here, in this article, I will guide you properly to procure better wear. Just try it once you will hook on to this pair of pants.


The best thing about this brand is that they give you the option to return after 45 days even they are the cheap paintball pants. Their online team service is also all-time available and shows a professional response. So, you can easily approach them to buy this product anytime.

If you want to have such pants that have long-lasting material then you should take Multi-cam for your paintball pants. I hope after using these you will never repent upon your decision.

  • Comfortable material
  • Light in weight
  • Best performance
  • Cushion pad availability
  • Returnable
  • 45 days warranty
  • None

Final verdict

G2 combat pants are more prone to catch your attention first with the brilliant design and then they catch your heart with the performance as well. That is why there is a huge market explosion that happened after its launch.


5. Military Army Tactical Airsoft Paintball Shooting Pants

Anyone who wants to have the benefit of paintball must know shielding gears and tools for the game. To keep yourself protected, paintball pants are also significant to buy, therefore, Military Army has brought their best brand towards you so that you can get what you were looking for.

Flexibility and movement

Resistance from comfort and ease always kills the amusement that’s why while playing paintball, you should be dressed in flexible and comfortable pants. So, Military combat pants are available in the market and are manufactured with good stretch mesh panels.

The mesh material helps the player to experience much flexibility, movement, and breathability. Moreover, the stretching material avoids any form of tears and also improves the life duration of pants.


Also, the appearance, design and overall aesthetics feel play a main part in the creation of the best paintball pants. The pants should appropriately merge with the playing atmosphere.

Thus, the cause behind such dressing is that it would become tricky for all players to speak to each other and so boost the amusement in-game.

Protective padding

A lot of the paintball pants have come up with knee padding, but still don’t have this characteristic. You need an extra knee pad for defense.  Some offer straight padding on the hips, but the Military army provides you extra padding facility at the groin, hip, knee, and several other sensitive areas.

  • Durable fabric
  • Easy to play
  • Mesh fabric
  • Extra cushion pads
  • Flexible and moveable
  • A bit expensive

Final verdict

Now in short this is the best paintball pants 2020 and it possesses all the good characteristics like sturdiness, breathability, and light in weight.

6.     HK Army HSTL Paintball Pants

The paintball pants have many edging and material on the inside. These pants have mesh on the inside which provides many helpful benefits. So, to know more about it, let’s move with me!

Most affordable one

HK Army pants emerge with good material, construction, padding, and stretching area. The most important thing to notice is that they are reasonable and have got everything that you would want in the pant.

They focus more on the reasonable price with the best clothing material and this is I think, the most important customer demand.

Fantastic padding zone

Let’s look at its other amazing features! It offers you padded cushion mesh fabric in the front and 2 snap buttons on top. So, this fantastic padding keeps you safe from the hard hits of the rubber balls.

Inside, it has the mesh material that provides more comfort and is pretty much breathable. On the top, they have embedded the belt loops so that you can wear normal belts on them. It has 2 pouches on the front and inner sides; this is an easily cleanable fabric as well.

Removable pads

Furthermore, the HK Army is made such that they have the pads available in the crotch, hip, and knee areas. But with this availability, they are also giving the facility to detach the pads whenever you want to.

Thus, fulfilling their promise of quality and satisfaction, they never disappoint their customer.

  • Six integrated pockets
  • Pad detachability
  • Stretchable material
  • Size adjustment
  • Not in stock now

Final verdict

Well as stated above all the qualities about HK Army, there will be nothing wrong to say that it has rushed in the market and is the best pant ever.

7. Exalt Paintball T4 Pant

Why you buy paintball pants? The answer must be “because of padding”. The Exalt paintball pants are much encouraged about their good pads availability in the different zones. Hence, these pants are considered the best paintball pants in the commercial market.

A couple of drawstrings

If you are habitual of wearing paintball pants then you will know the importance of drawstrings. While playing paintball, to adjust your figure in pants these couple of drawstrings play a vital role and keep you confident.

Thus, this Exalt T4 brand provides you high-quality material to keep you safe from these types of mishaps.

Whole pad zones

Moreover, this brand provides you thigh, knee, groin, and whole leg pads so to give you cushion and safety. Therefore, if you always get worried about the injury during the battle then you must have the pair of this brand.

High quality

Last but not least you want stretchy fabric throughout the whole crotch area of pants which is important. Because most of the pants rip off because of the pressure exertion that’s why low-quality paintball pants always going to fail in the crotch first.

Hence, whenever you intend to buy a paintball pant, you must check their quality first so that you would not repent later.

  • Available in black and grey color
  • Drawstrings
  • Whole pad
  • Durable
  • High quality
  • All sizes available
  • Not available in a variety of colors

Final verdict

Overall, the padding in the Exalt pants is very nice and thick. It is not thicker or less thick, just like you’d desire to have in your best paintball pants.

8. Bunker Kings V2 Supreme Paintball Pants

Bunker Kings’ specialty is its lightweight, so to keep your bulk off while running. This brand is bolting with a fantastic design to cope with dangerous hits while playing paintball. For your convenience, I have mentioned it’s amazing features below;

Paintball playfield friendly

A good player must consider some main points before playing, like if you are a pro player then you must consider the field of the game. This point is very important to consider while choosing the thickness of pants.

Hence, these Bunker kings are considered the most durable paintball youth paintball pants. Because they value the young’s choice, and therefore youth also take it as their priority.

Good absorbing power

While playing in the hot sun, sweating is a must, to avoid itchiness and uneasiness; the Bunker kings came up with paintball pants. Moreover, the material of which these pants are made is such that they absorb and dry it very well and also gives off a cooling effect.

Light in weight

Are you a paintball player and got fed up with the heaviness of the bulky pants? Now no need to worry, as bunker kings have brought these light-weighted pants to provide you much comfort while playing. So don’t rush while buying and must look into the features of the thing you going to buy.

  • Light in weight
  • Best design
  • Adjustable waist size
  • Velcro ankle adjuster
  • Supreme quality
  • None

Final verdict

On the whole, this supreme product is comprised of all the necessary features that are needed for enjoyable paintballing. Therefore, I would like to highly recommend you these comfortable pants due to their sophisticated stitching and good absorbing power.

9. HK Army TRK Jogger Paintball Pants

Here I am going to introduce the TRK Jogger pants. TRK’s are designed with the premium knit poly combination for the best flexibility and ease. Before buying any product you should be well aware of its key features so, let’s move forward to its details.

Custom printed design

Introducing the custom printed designs, embroidery, waterproof material for zippers, and pockets. It offers you shatterproof knees and wash down pockets makes this brand an Est ever one.

So, if you are looking for a pair of paintball pants with all the best features, then HK Army jogger paintball pant is worth buying.

Ventilated leg design

Due to its supreme material and iconic design, these lightweight paintball pants are encored with the ventilated leg fabric. Hence, to wick out any form of moisture that engulfs in the pants while playing, it is the best one.

Extra protection

Besides, it also has a stretchable section right above the padding for the protection of knees. To help you out while playing paintball, these paintball pants proved to be the best one with extra safety. When you have to save your body from hits, this padding will assist you while crawling.

There is no need to worry about tearing the pants because these pants provide you enough shock-absorbing power in the form of pads on different zones.

  • Premium knit poly blend
  • Waterproof pockets
  • All sizes available
  • Highly ventilated
  • Don’t have crotch growing protection

Final verdict

These Hk Army pants help you when slipping or falling. HK Army has also brought elastic sizing bands so if the pants don’t come fitted with your size then you can adjust them as well. In short, it is value buying the best paintball pants you have ever seen.

10. Survival Tactical Gear Pants with Knee Pads Hunting Paintball

Survival Tactical pants bring everything you need from a tactical pair of pants. They are available in a huge color range, and thus are more desirable in terms of looks and appeal. These are designed with the feature that gives you the facility to remove the knee battle.

Sounds interesting and want to know more? Let’s come down to details!

Air circulation system

This is a very rare feature in the market and only some of the brands take care of it. Survival tactical pants firstly introduced this property in the pants and after that, the others started copying it.

Cooling effect

While playing precipitation is common due to heavy-duty, thus the moisture in the form of sweat seems very undesirable. So, to prevent this problem, survival tactical pants have brought the system of air circulation, in which the fabric design is made such that it can remove out all the inside moisture.

Two-way access pocket

Meanwhile, the availability of two pockets is very much crucial and thus survival tactical pants taking into consideration their customer’s choice have brought this pair of pants. This pair has two sideway pockets, a hand pocket, a small gear pocket, and back pockets.

  • Air conditioning system
  • Sideway pockets
  • Brilliant design
  • Knee pads
  • Size adjustment
  • Velcro strap system
  • breathable
  • No pad on the groin

Final verdict

These paintball pants have all the desirable features you were looking for for so long. It provides you with quality material with durability, breathability, knee pads availability, and much more. Therefore, it is the best paintball pant that happens to be worth the price you pay for them.

Buying Guide

No matter you are a fighter or a player in the field, both need a pair of pants that must be comfortable at least. But the only comfort is not enough there’s much more that should keep in mind while buying a paintball pant. So, that after buying you don’t repent on the choice you made and the money that went to waste.

Let me tell you some characteristics that the best paintball pant must-have.

Padding availability

Pad is the mesh material that serves the purpose of cushion during a jerk or injury. Thus, to keep you safe, it is very important to have a pair of paintball pants that offer you much padding availability in different zones. Like, on the crotch growing area, on the knee, groin, etc.

Breathable material

While playing, you must have noticed that the paintball pants when getting sob up with the sweat gives you a very messy and uneasy feeling. Thus, to avoid this your paintball pant must embed with the system of air circulation to wicked out the moisture.

Hence, to make you comfortable in the field it is a very important point to consider.


The paintball pants you are going to buy must be of the best quality material, otherwise, it will rip out with a single jerk. And then at that point, you can do nothing but to repent upon the choice. Therefore, a paintball pant must have a combination of cotton and polyester material to give them extra strength, thus to bear the harsh conditions.

Size adjustability

This point is very important to notice as if the size you bought doesn’t fit into your size then what will you do? So, your pair of pants must have the extra drawstrings that can adjust the size of your pants if they don’t fit you. Thus, the strings are available to stretch r expand as per your need.

Well, these were some points that you must consider while shopping for paintball pants otherwise you can get into trouble.

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to wash/clean paintball pants?

The paintball pants must be wash will delicacy, use cold water to wash these. Don’t put these pants in the dryer otherwise these will rip easily and their material also can get damaged.

2. How to know what paintball pant size to get?

To find out the size, you need to measure waistband width, length of leg, and hip area, so that whatever brand you got can fit your size.

3. How to wear paintball pants?

The paintball pants must be worn with much care and shouldn’t wear in a hurry otherwise you can destroy the padding system and the fabric as well.

4. What size paintball pants?

Paintball pants are available in small or large sizes but they are also available with the facility of strings to adjust the size of pants according to your size.

5. How should paintball pants fit?

The pants should be tight or loose for evasive maneuvers but sturdy enough to bear the shocks.


In this whole article, I have come up with a list of 10 different paintball pants brands. I tried my best to give you the details about the best paintball pant. The brands I mentioned here, all are very well in their work and have specific value/ratings in the market.

Now it’s up to you that among all these which one you find best for yourself. If you ask me about my choice, then I would like to suggest you the HK Army tactical paintball pants. These pants offer you every important feature you want and give you much flexibility, durability, affordability, etc.

In the end, must share your valuable remarks with me!