Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun Review 2022

If you’re looking to invest in quality paintball gear, you might want to consider the Dye Proto Rail marker. It’s a gun that’s at the same time powerful, stylish and packed with exciting features. Of course, it has its flaws, but they are outweighed by its qualities. And you’ll be able to find out more about both in the following paragraphs in our Dye Proto Rail review!



The Proto Rail has, in short, been designed to stand out from the competition. Its makers drew inspiration from the well-known UL Frame. They have, however, managed to make it even better by using tougher materials. The marker has also been made exceptional with the help of a certain precision honing method. Its purpose is to give it a quality mirror finish that results in improved accuracy. The Hyper3 Regulator boasts an improved design as well. It’s a lot smaller and provides a more precise pressure adjustment.

But these improvements make the Proto Rail better-looking as well. Since it’s quite small and weighs only 1.8 pounds, it appears a lot more elegant. Add to that the slightly aggressive lines it’s famous for, and you get a good gun that’s hard to resist.


Fortunately, the Proto Rail isn’t just pretty – it can shoot with impressive accuracy as well. Many claim that it operates similarly to guns that were originally used for paintball. But that doesn’t mean it’s no good. On the contrary, the guns in question help their owners win professional competitions to this day.

Thanks to the 6-micron finish and the Fuse Bolt System, the Proto Rail works like a charm. It can shoot over 15 paintballs per second, which makes it rank among the faster guns. And it can do all that with impressive accuracy, as long as the targets move within a 150-feet radius.

The purpose of its finish is to ensure minimal amounts of turbulence. This, in turn, makes the whole frame less prone to shaking and poor performance. The Fuse Bolt System solves the same problem, just in a completely different way. It’s designed to operate at 140 psi, which is a very low pressure. This results in minimal recoil, as well as improvement in overall accuracy.


The fact that it’s equipped with a variety of different features is one of the biggest upsides to owning the Dye Proto Rail paintball gun. We’ve already mentioned a couple of them – its superb mirror finish, the Hyper3 Regulator and the Fuse Bolt System. And now we’re going to introduce a few more!

1. LED circuit board:

This one should definitely come in handy, regardless of your needs and preferences. It’s a LED circuit board that gives you a heads up on the status of the marker.

2. Anti-chop eye:

If you’re afraid that your Proto Rail will start chopping the balls, you’ll be glad to hear that’s not going to happen. The marker is equipped with sensors that can detect whether it’s loaded. And if the system determines that it’s empty, it solves the issue by preventing the gun from firing.

3. Eye pipe system:

This is a system that’s closely related to the previous one, and equally useful. The polycarbonate pipe prevents the anti-chop system from getting damaged. It does that by keeping dirt and paint away from it. And to make it even better, this takes a lot of pressure from you in terms of maintenance.

4. Auto fire:

This feature could prove to be a lot of fun, especially if you’re a beginner. Basically, it allows you to shoot a series of paintballs with a single pull of the trigger. This has an added benefit of providing you with the opportunity to fully adjust your aim.

5. Multiple firing modes:

The Proto Rail is one of those guns that allow you to switch between different firing modes. This means that you can use it to participate in tournaments as well.


When it comes to toughness, the Dye Proto Rail paintball gun is among the best markers in its price range. It’s made of incredibly durable composite materials. It also features a 6-micron finish. This allows you to handle the gun without worrying about damage. Thanks to all of this, it can go over half a million fired shots before it starts malfunctioning.

But that’s not all, since the Proto Rail is also very easy to maintain. We’ve already mentioned the eye pipe system that protects the anti-chop eye from dirt. But the list doesn’t end there, since the marker comes with handy color coded O-rings. These have been added to make cleaning a lot easier.


There are plenty of things you can do if you want to customize your Dye Proto Rail paintball gun. The gun allows for replacement of a large number of parts, including feeders, hoppers, grips and rail boards. The latter are compatible with both Hater and Tadao upgrades.

Apart from replacing parts, you can add some as well. The list of compatible accessories includes bolt caps, macroline fittings, on/off ASAs and grips for color coordination. In short, it could be said that the Proto Rail is a fairly customizable piece of gear.


Players usually like the Proto Rail, but for different reasons. There are, of course, those who find it unworthy of all that attention. The reasons they give in support of their claims vary as well. All the pros and cons, however, can be summarized in the following points.


Rating 4.4/5
Type Electronic
Caliber .68
Length 17.5″
Weight 1.8 lbs
Operating pressure 155 psi
Firing rate 15 balls/s
Sight rail Yes
Anti-chop eyes Yes
Cost $$$
  • It’s lightweight
  • It features an attractive design
  • It operates at a very low pressure
  • It’s both fast and accurate
  • Its recoil is minimal
  • It doesn’t chop paintballs
  • It’s very easy to maintain
  • It has an auto-fire mode
  • It’s equipped with multiple firing modes
  • It’s easily customizable
  • Its air usage is not that efficient
  • Its feedneck is poorly designed
  • Its stock barrel is not as accurate as it could be


In conclusion, the Dye Proto Rail paintball gun has both pros and cons, just like any other available marker. Its flaws, however, fail to diminish its qualities. Since it boasts an excellent design, a high level of accuracy, and a very stylish look, it’s a great choice for both beginners and seasoned players! In fact, this gun is one of our choices as the very best paintball guns for your money.