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How to Clean a Paintball Gun -Step by Step guide for beginners

A paintball gun is an equipment that is used by paintball players in their games and proper care of it is necessary to run it smoothly. Otherwise, it could be jammed and paint start to leak which will cause trouble during the game.

Thus, you will need specific tools for cleaning your paintball gun which you can find in a cleaning kit. For cleaning it, you firstly need to disassemble your gun, clean all the parts separately and then lubricate them as lubrication is essential for efficient working of the gun.

For further information on how to clean a paintball gun, read this article.

Tools for Cleaning Paintball Gun

How to Clean a Paintball Gun

You can’t clean your paintball gun as a whole and for proper cleaning, every part of it needs to be separated. Therefore, you should keep in mind all the cleaning tools that will be used in cleaning different parts.

Additionally, by cleaning kit and a cleaning oil are the most important things to have. The most important part of your gun is the barrel and for its cleaning, certain tools are required. You can either use a paintball gun squeegee or a paintball barrel swab however, both will be effective in doing their job.

Paintball cleaning kit

How to Clean a Paintball Gun

If you buy a paintball cleaning kit, you do not need any extra tool, since it includes all the cleaning tools you need. It comes with bristles, needles, scissors, along with squeegees, and some cleaning kits also have paintball gun oil swabs.

In case your cleaning kit doesn’t have the paintball gun oil, you have to buy it separately as it is a must to have the thing. Optimal lubrication of all the parts of the paintball gun is required for thorough cleaning so, purchase that oil which is specifically made for paintball guns.

How to Clean a Paintball Gun Barrel?

As you know that you can clean your paintball gun barrel by using a paintball gun squeegee or paintball barrel swab. The squeegees used for paintball guns are made by using sticky and durable rubber same as common squeegees.

Whenever your gun is jammed in between the game, you can use a paintball gun squeegee that will quickly remove dirt and remains of paint. Some of the squeegees are made up of a “pull-through” design and you simply have to pull them through to get rid of blocking material of your barrel.

On the contrary, the paintball gun swab is of different types and comes in a different design. Swabs are soft and made up of absorbent pads and when you insert them in your barrel, these will inhibit the entry of paint into your gun.

As the swabs have expandable material so when you stretch them out of the barrel, these expand and carry the excess of paint along with them. On the contrary, both tools (squeegees and swabs) are equally useful, and it’s entirely up to you which one you use for cleaning the barrel.

Other Tools

There are some other tools which you can easily find at your home and could be proved useful for cleaning your paintball gun. These tools may include:

  • Toothbrush
  • Rags or Paper towels
  • Water
  • Q-tip

Moreover, the satisfying part about having these tools is that you don’t have to buy them separately as they will be already available in your home. Therefore, you can use these for efficient cleaning of the smaller parts of your gun.

How to Clean a Paintball Gun After Use?

Don’t you want that your gun got jammed during the game, right? Neither you want that your gun is less efficient in firing, true that? Hence, to prevent these faults, you will need to clean your paintball gun regularly.

Otherwise, the parts of your paintball gun will be worthless and you might have to purchase a new gun that will cost you extra money. Furthermore, only expensive paintball guns don’t need to be useful, here you can find the best paintball gun under 300.

Steps of Cleaning a Paintball Gun

It’s not an easy job to clean your paintball gun and you might find it boring too. But if you clean it by following these steps in proper order then you can turn this dull task into an interesting one.

These steps include:

  1. De-gas your gun
  2. Disassemble
  3. Clean the body
  4. Clean the barrel
  5. Clean the hammer and bolt
  6. Clean/replace the O rings
  7. Clean the grip frame
  8. Inspection of the gun
  9. Lubrication
  10. Reassembling

1. De- Gas Your Gun

The first step of cleaning the paintball gun is to remove the CO2 or air tank as it can lead to a fire explosion if you don’t remove it. So, it’s essential to de-gas your gun for the safety of yourself and others around you.

Therefore, certain guns are user-friendly and already have the de-gas capability. If you have such a form of a gun, read the user’s instruction manual and properly de-gas your gun to avoid any possible harm.

2. Disassemble

As you know, different guns are made differently so these have their proper method of assembling and reassembling. Therefore, read your user manual before disassembling and you don’t have it then search it online.

To disassemble your gun, you need to make sure that you separate everything correctly including barrel, O rings, hopper, grip frame, and bolt. For this follow your user manual as it will tell you the right way of separating and putting back together with the parts of your gun.

Now keep all the things in an organized way because after disassembling you will find a lot of small pieces that need to be handled with care. For it prefers using a clean and clear surface like a floor or table where there is no extra thing.

Hence, it’s easy to disassemble your gun but if you don’t put all the pieces together then its reassembling could be tedious. Hence, for easy reassembling, the organization of your work area is essential. Once you are done with disassembling, now it’s time for cleaning.

3. Clean the Body

The most essential step is the cleaning and for it, firstly you need to observe your paintball gun for noticing any changes in its structure or function. The part which should be focused more is the body of your gun and therefore you should clean it thoroughly.

Though it’s easy to clean the body for it all you have to do is quickly wipe it with a wet rag so that all the paint debris and dirt is removed. Remember, here you don’t need to use soap or plenty of water.

There will be some parts of the paintball gun which will be hard to reach and for those you can use Q-tip. With the help of Q-tips, it will be easy to reach those parts which can’t be cleaned by using fingers like the connecting points of two parts.

If you find that your paintball is so messy and contains sticky dirt then you can clean it by using a toothbrush. After cleaning the body, wipe it with a towel to make sure that your gun is dry and ready for the next step that is cleaning the barrel.

4. Clean the Barrel

The most important part of your gun is its barrel and if it is not cleaned properly then it can affect your performance badly. Hence, proper cleaning of the barrel is necessary for efficient and accurate working of your gun.

As I mentioned earlier that you can either clean the barrel with squeegees or with swabs. However, for your convenience, I will describe the cleaning procedure of both tools.

5. Cleaning with squeegees

Furthermore, it is very easy to clean the barrel with the help of squeegees as you just have to drag the squeegee from the length of the barrel. By doing so, try to remove most of the remaining dirt and paint as these can, later on, leads to the jamming of your gun.

6. Swabs

Swabs are best in a way that you don’t need to push these for removing paint and dirt from the barrel. You simply have to insert it into the barrel and it will do its job without any extra effort.

For perfect cleaning, use a small amount of water along with a rag to wipe away all the dirt. Barrel determines the efficiency of your gun and you shouldn’t compromise its quality. For purchasing the best paintball barrel, click here!

7. Clean the Hammer and Bolt

Now it’s time for cleaning the hammer and bolt of your paintball gun. These parts are also important as they are used for getting ready to fire on your enemy, so these can’t be neglected and need proper care.

For cleaning these parts, you will need both rags, wet, and dry. At first, just wipe them by using a wet rag to remove any residues which are settled in these parts. Don’t forget to get rid of the extra dirt and paint before moving to dry.

Before reassembling, you need to properly dry the hammer and bolt with the help of a dry rag. Make sure that no moisture or remains of water are present on these parts after drying.

8. Clean/Replace the O Rings

O-rings are used for fixing the parts in place and for avoiding friction between them. You can clean the O rings by using the Q tip for removing dirt and dust from them.

Thus, the damaged/ cracking rings should be instantly removed otherwise faulty ones will quickly burn the fuel along with decreasing air velocity. Some O rings work for a long time but some are not much durable so you need to remove the faulty rings for the safety of your gun.

9. Clean the Grip Frame

The area from where you hold the gun and pull the trigger is known as the grip frame. For its cleaning, use Q-tip to gently remove the surface dirt and then use a toothbrush for getting rid of hard to remove dirt.

As the grip frame is the place you come in direct contact with your gun so it might have sticky contaminants. Some dust particles will not be removed by using Q tips hence, its must to scrub the grip frame with a toothbrush.

10. Lubrication

Before reassembling your paintball gun, you need to lubricate it properly by using a lubrication oil. Before lubrication, make sure that all the parts of your gun are dry as you can’t apply it on a wet surface because the oil will be mixed water hence, it will cause stickiness.

Oil is essential for the smooth running of your gun so, do some research and choose the best quality oil for lubrication. Also, use the right amount of oil, it shouldn’t be too little or extra because an imbalanced amount of oil can badly impact the performance of your gun.

Also, do a light coating of oil on the O rings of your gun and do it carefully. Now you have cleaned, dried, and lubricated your gun so, it’s time to put it back together.

11. Reassembling

If you have followed the previous steps properly and carefully then now it will be quite easy for you to do this step. Thus, just read the instructions from your user manual and put all the pieces together as mentioned in the manual.

Moreover, observe with attention that if all the parts are properly cleaned, dried, and lubricated? If any of part needs further cleaning or you forget to pay attention to any piece then does it now before reassembling.

12. Rechecking

Recheck that you have assembled all the parts in proper order and every component is installed in its place. Not to mention that right reassembling is mandatory for preserving the integrity and proper functioning of your gun.

13. Inspection of the Gun

For inspection, check all the springs and screws for noticing that whether these are in good shape or not. If you see any broken or damaged part then replace it as soon as possible to maintain the good performance of your gun.

If your gun is broken and damaged then it can cause backfire and cause safety issues therefore you shouldn’t compromise on its inspection. Spare some time to properly de-gas, unload, and remove the fuel tank. A paintball tank is an important part of a paintball gun which is used for providing shelter against the opponent. If you want to purchase the best paintball tank, then click here.

14. Maintenance of the Gun

To keep your gun in a working position for a long time, you need to maintain it on regular basis. For this, you need to clean it after every use so that dust and dirt couldn’t stick on its surface. Therefore, along with proper care, proper storage of your gun is also necessary.

Some parts of the gun can be damaged when exposed to direct sunlight and some can be affected by rust so, store it in a cool as well as dry place. Regular oiling is also essential to increase the lifespan of your gun. You can move the pins and springs from their place for oiling these properly.

15. Removal of remaining residues

To remove any remaining residues, you can use warm water. For it, you can dip the toothbrush in warm water and can clean the clogged area. After washing, don’t forget to remove leftovers because this can, later on, leads to jamming.

After every cleaning, dry thoroughly by using a dry rag and paper towel for complete trying. You can also sanitize the grip frame area because it contains most of the leftovers of paint so, it needs to be handled with care.

Storage Essentials

As mentioned above that proper storage of your paintball gun is essential for increasing its life span. For it, there are some practices which should be followed like:

  • Store it in a cool and dry place
  • Empty it before storage as a loaded gun can cause potential damage
  • Paintballs and canister should be stored separately
  • Remove gas from your gun before storage
  • Also, paintball marker should be kept with extra care and make sure that it is out of reach of children

How often should Clean your Paintball Gun?

How often should Clean your Paintball Gun?

I know it’s hard and hectic to clean your gun after spending the whole day playing a game. But if you don’t do it on time then it can lead to serious issues along with decreasing the lifespan and affecting the performance of your paintball gun.

Thus, the best way will be that you should clean your gun after every game and do it regularly until it becomes your habit. Also, if you don’t clean your gun on that day then the next day it will be extremely difficult to remove the dry paint thus, clean it at once after coming back from the game.

Furthermore, you should thoroughly clean your marker to operate your gun properly because it can be damaged by dust and paint residues. During playing too try that your marker doesn’t come in contact with extra dust and if dirt enters into it then you will need to disassemble for proper cleaning.


Cleaning on regular basis is necessary for the proper functioning of the paintball gun as the dust and paint residues can cause jamming and damage to it. Paintball gun has different parts and each part should be cleaned separately in a step-wise process.

This article will provide you complete information on how to clean a paintball. If you have enjoyed reading this article then share it and don’t forget to give your valuable feedback.