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How to Fill Paintball Tanks – Ultimate Guide

Do you want to play a thoroughly adventurous game? I suggest you play a shooting game which is new in town. Meet the Paintball game, which genuinely helps you to enjoy your day. Nelson was the first to recognize this game to the world and drew the attention of the world.

Thus, this game was on the top of a few playing games, and from being traditional to modernize, it’s working shifts from simple to technical, yet the principle remains the same.

While operating this gun, short of tank air, and don’t know how to fill a paintball tank? No worries, I will let you explain and make your understanding much better and clear.

Without wasting any time, let’s move to its description!

What is Paintball and how can you refill the paintball tank?

Paintball is likewise one of the most secure as well as risky games out there. It proves to be safer than motocross, mountain trekking, skating, and so forth. It is mandatory that every individual playing paintball, rehearsing, or simply messing about wear the security gear that everybody is needed to have and utilize—for example, Masks, headgear, knee cushions, and so forth.

Therefore, for playing this game, I advise you to know about the working of its main component, that is, tank. You must understand if suddenly you are deprived of the compressed air to refill the paintball tank again. 

I am focusing more on refilling because it’s already filled with its necessary material once you buy that gun for playing. But don’t worry, further reading will also show how you can manually load the paintball tank or use different products? Checkout the list of best Air Compressors For Paintball Tanks

Paintball Tanks

How to Fill Paintball Tanks at Home

Paintball is such a game that involves a tank filled with dye, which comes out in the form of compressed air. The main concern of giving you this information is to make all your doubts crystal clear.

Hence, paintball isn’t a type of brutality, a demonstration of war, amusement of fighting, or recreation of the battle. It is a find the stowaway and label game blended into one. It doesn’t uphold slaughtering, shooting, chasing, and so on. It is a game where all ages going from 10 years through 60+ years can play.

A paintball air-gun is nothing without its tanks, like a head without its body. It is no wrong to say that it’s the tank that is only working on the principle of compression. You can also assume it as a portable, lightweight structure that can run the game efficiently.

Hence, you can fill this tank whenever it’s gone out. Therefore, it’s necessary to know how to refill the Paintball tank. For this reason, stay tuned to this article up to an end. As in the beginning, I provide you information that this tank is somehow a result of the evolutionary process. So, it comes in different types, but they all need to be refill.

Refilling of Paintball Tanks in stations

As you know refilling of tanks is itself a busy task, and these tanks provide you an advantage that you can quickly fill these tanks where ever you want, depending upon the type. However, different tanks demand different places to refill them.

If you are in your home, garden, or at any station, follow the below instruction to fill them quickly. Without any further ado, I’ll start depicting the main topic.

1. How to fill Co2 paintball tanks?

For filling a tank using an air compressor, follow only three simple steps. First, you have to connect the CO2 fitting to the fitting toward the blower hose’s finish. To blow off the excessive gas, seep off the unscrewed valve. It will let any air leftover gas in the tank out to place new air into it. You have to reclose the drain valve before turning on the blower.

Second, you have to decide the size of your CO2 tank and duplicate it by two. That is the measure of time you need to run the blower. After checking your watch, turn on the blower for packing, a genuine concern, so cautiously track your occupied time.

Lastly, after completing the track time, open the drain valve for merely a second or two to get out the lines, and escape any change. At that point, unscrew your tank from the air blower pipe. Now, you have done with the filling in the best paintball tanks.

2. How to refill the Co2 tank with an air compressor?

To refill the best paintball barrel with an air compressor, you must keep that Co2 tank aside for protection. Now, you have to spot the plastic ring between the tank tube and your fill station. It seems to be right to must check the hydro test date on your tank has not lapsed.

After that empty, your tank, relax the delivery valve on the double fill station and open your tank’s valve. Keep observing your tank on the scale and zero it out. It is, so you know exactly how much gas you’ll be placing into the tank.

Thus, you have to chill your tank by administering a couple of ounces of CO2 into your tank and afterward let it out by opening the cleanse valve on the fill station. It is preparing your tank so you can get a maximum fill. Hence, you can refill your best paintball hoppers with this technique.

Refilling of Paintball tanks in the home

These hpa tanks can quickly fill at your home, no need to take them to the station. Have a look at some points before filling.

3. How to fill hpa tank?

Keep following the below steps for better results.

HPA tanks have a hydro date showing the last time they refilled. It would help if you investigated these tanks at regular intervals and protect them from external heat. However, the weight can develop and blow a burst circle in a CO2 tank.

While HPA tanks aren’t probably going to over-pressurize and also ensure your tanks with a tank cover or something comparative, for example, a texture sack.

When filling tanks, it is ideal to do a “moderate fill.” If you fill the tank excessively quickly, you will lose pressure as the air cools. Most paintball and scuba store administrators know this, yet it’s critical to recollect whether you’re filling your best paintball barrel.

4. How to fill the hpa tank with an air compressor?

As I mentioned above, these hpa tanks could fill at your place, so no worries if your best paintball hopper consists of this type of hopper. To make filling fun, adapt some basic rules depicted below.

You can check your tank cautiously not to have air inside before any filling. For this, discharge the air from the tank with one stage. It won’t require any investment, and you can open the air delivering valve to eliminate all the air from inside.

Presently you are prepared to fill this HPA tank with your air blower. For this, there is a stream in the tank and the air blower. To associate the air hose, open the more modest pack from the two things.

Then start the blower and begin passing air to the tank. Within a couple of moments, the tank will be satisfied with a new attitude. If the blower’s most generous pressure sometimes falls short of the tank’s necessary weight, you can’t fill it with air.

During the air filling work, you can measure the tank’s pressure to guarantee enough air is in the tank. When you see it completed, eliminate the air blower’s spout, and your tank has a new atmosphere. The weight switch of the air blower will reveal to you the perusing of PSI.

Filling of Paintball tanks in stores

How to Fill Paintball Tanks at Home

Likewise, stations and home stores help you to make your tank fill quickly after a small payment. Compressed air type tanks are the tanks that you can order online or allow the store to fill or refill. So, if you are in a hurry, go for it.

5. How to fill a compressed air tank?

Since compacted air tanks for paintball work at a relative weight as scuba tanks, numerous scuba stores likewise fill paintball tanks. Once more, it should cost only a couple of dollars to fill a tank, and this is one of the most advantageous alternatives accessible.

However, the process of its filling is quite similar to the hpa filling tanks. Therefore, it is the most concise and perfect method to fill your best paintball loaders load with good quality gas.


This article is all about the paintball tanks and how to fill paintball tanks? By reading this article, you will differentiate which tank should be loaded manually or using a compressor.

If you are baffled to categorize which tank can fill at home, you have to take stations or take them to a nearby store. Read this article to open the knots of the questions in your mind.


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