JT Impulse Paintball Gun Review 2022


Being one of the most widely seen markers being put to action in paintball tournaments, the JT Impulse Paintball Gun has a contribution in history. The Impulse paintball gun was considered a well-known tournament paintball marker back in 2004. Presently, the gun has been reintroduced with upgraded features and a refined aesthetic. Now with better presentation, this gun is more likely to attract the buyers interested. This entirely modern display involves the permitted balanced valve technology that will allow initiation of your shots quite even. As a result, this gun will allow providing its users with the outcome they are hoping to achieve which is something they desperately require when competing at different stages.

People are often mistaken and end up labelling the JT Impulse Paintball Gun as inexpensive since it falls under the name JT. However the truth is, it is a good, solid gun; grip it the right way and use it comfortably! Created and put to use before being introduced in the market by a team of experts, a lot of time and energy has been exercised into this marker to make sure it not only works, but surpasses your assumptions.


Dove Tail Mounted ASA System:

ASA, which stands for Air Source Adapter, refers to the interweaved port of a paintball marker where you tighten the CO2 or compressed air container into. It is mostly situated at the deep end of the grasped frame, also referred to as a bottom line set-up, even though it can be seen in other places, which relies on your design of the specific marker. A post is present in the base of the Air Source Adapter. As the air in the tank is tightened, a pressure is exerted into the paintball maker since it forces its way on to the depressing pin of the valve. It is made sure that the air does not escape the ASA with the help of the tank o-ring on the lip of the valve.

The easiest Air Source Adapters are singular. Special attention must be given when taking off the air tank from the ASA to prevent cutting or blasting the o-ring. The Air Source Adapters include a thumbwheel, push button, or lever that prolongs and takes back the depressing pin point. Once the pressure is shut down, it also allows emission of the pressure in the airline between both the ASA and the JT Impulse marker. This allows degassing and separating the tank from the marker much easier.

The ASA is usually mounted straight to the end of the grip frame or bound to it through a dovetail or T-rail that creates some choices when it comes to the length. These choices further allow every user to fully attain a better and improved result despite of differing shooters or their methods of using guns. This is the preferred method for firm and preferred design as observed in tournaments by players.

Contoured Slim Grip:

Contoured Slim Grip can hold, control, and reload the gun easily with a secure grip. With a Contoured Slim Grip, the feel of the gun is amazing, definitely one of the most comfortable guns on the market.

The clasp of your handgun is considered one of the most essential parts. It is the mark at which you carry, focus, and reload your gun. Lack of solid grip can ultimately means flaws, below par precision, steady follow up fire, or the lack of your weapons ability in a situation. If the gripping cover of the gun does not suit the one using the weapon, a firm grip can be impossible to achieve and sustain. Shrink wrapped adjustments to the gripping surfaces of guns involve including grip sleeves, switching to back straps or including textured covers. There are countless ways on how to form your grip on your gun, where several shooters require contrasting adjustments.

Gun producers have been able to reach the truth which is that their customers have different sized hands which is why various aspects like reduction in sizes of their grips and including compatible back straps to their guns for the further alteration of those who have small, medium or large sized hands has been observed. Shooters with large hands are accommodated by the special feature or large palm swells, helping them to establish a firm grip on the gun while shooting.

This is where the JT Impulse Paintball Gun comes to the rescue with its added feature of having a Contoured Grip Slim. In this way, the Paintball Gun has become a preference over any other weapon which does not provide this extended access to the frequent users.

Not all firearms have finger grooves or Contoured Slim Grip like the JT Impulse Paintball Gun, which can allow a conscious and firm control on the gun leading to achieving the desired target. With the presence of the Slim Grip, the gun allows a wider and extended comfortable shooting practice and a satisfied purchase by the buyer.


  • 4-Way Adjustable Magnetic trigger facilitates adjusting the trigger to preferred choice in order for it to travel just how you want it
  • a blue OLED screen so you can observe your speed of fire and work on the playing mode option that you are most comfortable in
  • Air Cushioned Piston where the gun is dependent on a cushion of highly compressed air to prevent the piston from coming in contact with the end of the compression chamber
  • Dual Bearing Suspended Trigger to touch a very intense position of performance with these guns i.e. if you become a skillful performer of the double action trigger
  • Spring Driven Detents which will enable maximum life when it comes down to the gun
  • With all the different sizes of loaders being available in the market, the Tool-less Clamping Feed Neck calls for a comfortable fit with a 100% guarantee.
  • Two Piece 14” Micro Honed Barrel
  • Software is easily upgradable with the availability of a Mini USB with the JT Impulse marker
  • Spring Driven Detents which will permit maximum Life
  • LPR Balanced Valve Technology that will help you carry out polished shots

Customer Reviews:

Words like consistent, efficient, and beautiful were chosen to give the JT Impulse Paintball Gun the praise it truly deserves. One of them expressed how shocking it was to find the gun being ignored or completely forgotten simply because of being under the name of JT.

According to the viewpoint of a customer, the marker is more expensive than an ATV (All terrain Vehicle). Even thought the product is declared as being expensive than a car, the customer felt the need to give the product five stars thereby stating it as worth the purchase. The product succeeded in catching the attention of it is viewers with it is a well-built design. Clamping feed neck has been termed as rather good.

It has been regarded as a phenomenal marker which is correct, easy to preserve, involve in application of programmable LCD screen, and quite impressive on the ground. It has been observed by users as a glistening appearance followed by year round guarantee to apply with no apparent shift in bolt activity.


The JT Impulse Paintball Gun has been largely referred to as a tremendous gun on the basis of its adjustable trigger, magnetic return, four-point Adjustable and so much more. It has got all one needs with the price point like this. So if you’re looking for a new marker in the market, with a mid-range price in your mind, definitely think about the JT Impulse Paintball Gun. Simply forget that it’s got a JT name on it and know that you will enjoy it once it is in your hands.