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15 Cool Tips And Tactics To Improve Your Paintball Skills

Paintball is the most demanding sport for fun. It does not support brutality; somehow it is a game that combines label and hide-and-seek into one. It is also the secured sports out there, with mandatory safety gear for all. The safety gear includes shielded helmets, covered jackets and pants, and barrel guards. Paintball can be useful in many ways. Such as to reduce stress, and learning teamwork. Most of the games need layout and moving around.

So it is a good way for brain exercise and body as well. If you follow your game by keeping some magic secrets and tips in your mind, I’m sure you will take the full out of your game. Keeping these tips and tricks in mind will help you learn the game quickly and enjoy it at full peak. So grab yourself a cup of hot coffee, sit calm and let’s have a look at these amazing tips.

1. Get the most out of your Paintball Gun

You can get the most out of your paintball gun if you take proper take care of it. You should always keep your gun clean after every game. Keeping your gun clean will keep you prepared for the next game. After every game, make sure that your gun is clean from mud or paint, etc. If your gun has burst pellet in the barrel, it could result in very poor accuracy of your game.

Not only this, the hopper of the gun should be cleaned as well as it takes the pellets and then loads them into the gun breech. So make sure that it’s well cleaned and then dried before you start your next paintball game. Also make sure that there is no mud inside, if any, grab a tissue and clean it up. The mud could be a great problem and prevents your paintball from firing at the accurate speed.

2. Don’t pick up pellets from the floor

I have seen a lot of people reusing the pellets again and again. This practice may land you in serious trouble as these pellets aren’t in the normal form as they were during their first time firing. Using the already fired pellets will result in a jammed gun. These pellets absorb water from the ground and as a result swell. Their sizes change and as a result, they put your gun in great danger. So never go for an already used pellet.

3. Keep a Sufficient Amount of Gas

Make sure that you don’t run out of the gas. Most of the guns are powered by CO2 and gives you round about 800 shots. But if you are running out of the gas, the pellets won’t move far and fall short to your gun. So if this situation happens, try to refill it and your gun will be back in the real state. These 800 shots per tank apply whenever you pull the trigger, not for every pellet you fire.

4. Rapid Fire

A Tippmann gun fires from 5 to 8 shots per second. If the gun is semi-automatic, as most of the guns are, it means the after every shot, the trigger has to go forward before the gun fires again. It means you cannot start firing by simply pulling the trigger like a machine gun. Sounds problematic, right?
To overcome this problem of rapid firing there are some tips you can keep in mind to make it easy for you.

  1. Always try to make the right fire. One right hit is far better than 10 missed hits. Rapid firing isn’t essential always. You’ll have to spend a lot of money for your paintballs in rapid firing. Though it could intimidate your rivals, the real goal is to hit the target not to just show off.
  2. Make sure that the paintballs are feeding properly into the gun. Gravity allows the balls to roll down from the hopper into the gun. But if you’re leaning with the gun on one side, the balls won’t run uphill and the gun will make a noise as well. So always try to keep the gun upright to give you the perfect shots.

5. Aiming

Aiming is another great important thing to keep in mind. You will never get ahead in paintball gaming if your aim isn’t accurate. A great aim will always put you in the right direction and will save you a sound amount of balls as well. The gas bottle on the gun gives an ideal gun stock that fits into the shoulder and stabilizes the gun. You can have an idea about where your pellets will go by looking along the top of the barrel. If it drops shorts then you should try to aim a bit higher. You can also get two or more than two pellets at a time in your hand as well. Just where they are going and then adjust your aim accordingly.

9 More Tactics To Improve Your Paintball Gameplay!

1. Using Cover

It’s always a great idea to get a cover before attacking your enemy. If you stand in open and thinking to confront your enemy, you will get shot very easily. Always try to hide behind things that offer great cover and gives you a way to sneak over your rivals. So first select an area for cover and then fire.

2. Tunnel Vision

You should be always aware of what’s happening around you. Keep your eyes open and don’t be let your enemy feel you. Tunnel vision is a tactic to focus on only one opponent rather than confronting many at the same time. It will allow you to shoot your enemies one by one without getting being shot.

3. Camouflage

Wearing a camo gives you a great edge over your opponents and allows you to conquer your enemies without being seen. But it doesn’t mean that you can do anything if you wear camo, you still have to be careful enough.

4. Moving Targets

You have to be wise enough to trick your enemy even if you get caught in the open. If you get shot, your first goal should be to find a place to get a cover. If you are out of pellets and running to hide behind something, always run in a zigzag direction to deceive your rival. Doing this will help you a lot and I’m sure you’ll eventually find a place without getting hit.

5. Works In Pairs

It’s a very simple yet effective technique. I’ve seen people who consider themselves extra shrewd and attack the opponents alone. It brings nothing but a total disgrace to the team. It not only increases the chances of being hit but also drops the overall morale of the team. So always work in team and device proper strategies to set a trap around the enemy.

6. Spread Out

It’s one of my best strategies. It gives you immense pleasure when you spread out along with your time. Sometimes we are stuck in a situation when we have to catch the opponent. If you spread out, your opponent will have no idea from where he might get hit. It also increases your safety and chances of carrying out a successful mission.

7. Check Yourself

This is a great thing to consider if you’re hit you should first check that if the pellet has broken and marked you. Sometimes we walk off the game thinking that we’re out but actually the pellets just bounce off. So keep this thing in your mind because if you once walk off the game you can’t enter again.

8. Dead Man’s Walk

It’s kind of funny tactic and rarely works but it could be very effective if you aren’t get caught. You just walk towards the opposition in a casual walk and when you get close enough you either open the fire or just pick up their flag back to your place. However, your opposition may declare you a cheater, but everything is possible in love and war.

9. Communication:

Communication plays a vital role in your game. A team who works well in the communication level is always a step ahead and steals the show. Communication isn’t just hearing out your teammates, it also means to note each and every voice from the opponent’s side. If you come to know what their next move is going to be? You can spoil the entire plan and change the whole game.

Final Words:

Paintball game is really fun when you know all the rules and tactics. Only a player with a clever mind and good skills will be able to leave his mark on the field. Read all of the tips and tactics carefully and try to apply them in your game. I’m sure you’ll amaze your opponents by these newly acquired tactics. Go and get yourself a nice paintball gun and do enjoy your game in a whole new way.