Planet Eclipse ETEK 5 Paintball Gun Review 2022

Planet Eclipse is a very well know brand by seasoned paintball players and this is because of the extremely high quality of their paintball guns. However, since this is such a good paintball gun I wanted to review it in further depth.

Now, with the release of the ETEK 5 paintball gun you will find that this is one of the very best markers on the market. In this ETEK 5 Paintball gun review we are going to explore this marker from top to bottom. By the end of this ETEK 5 review many will see why this is one of the best paintball guns one can buy for the money!


As one can see, the Planet Eclipse ETEK 5 has a very interesting and slick design. In fact, some may mix this marker up with the amazing EGO LV1 due to their extremely similar design. Due to this markers extended pinch between the fore grip and the grip frame this marker will feel extremely comfortable and stable while firing. Furthermore, some may notice that the barrel of this paintball gun looks like it has two pieces, that is because it does! This gun is equipped with a 14.5″ two piece barrel which will allow you to customize the barrel. Continuing, you will be able to change the bore sizes, tips, colors and more!

This paintball gun weighs in at 2.2 lbs, which is a very good weight for a paintball gun. Moreover, it is light enough to fly around the field with and heavy enough to have fantastic control. Overall, the look of this paintball gun makes it very hard to resist!


If you think the design of this paintball gun is good, wait till you see the performance! For a paintball gun in the 500 dollar range it is overloaded with amazing performance features.

Zick3 Rammer System: 

This system is very advanced. Essentially, what this will do is make the striking bolt take longer swings before it fires the paintball. This way when it fires the paintball it hits the ball very softly. Moreover, this will allow you to shoot even the most fragile paintballs without having to worry about bursting balls. Furthermore, when it does strike it will be very quiet making it hard for people to know your location. Now I know what your thinking, a longer swing means less balls/sec. Wrong! this paintball gun can still shoot up into the 20 balls/sec range.

Internal LPR: 

Having an internal LPR chamber will allow for lower LPR pressure and more consistent velocity shots. Every time you shoot this paintball gun, you will know that its going to shoot just like the last shot.

SL4 Inline Regulator: 

This is one of the best regulators for paintball guns. What this regulator will do is ensure that every time you shoot this gun that the correct amount of pressure is behind each and every paintball.

Durable SMC Solenoid Valve: 

This valve will work together with the regulator mentioned above. This valve will cut off your pressure supply as soon as you hit the amount of pressure that your regulator wants. Basically, they work together in a feedback loop in order to provide the best experience for the user. 

Infra-Red Break Beam Sensors: 

Infra red sensors will insure that you never chop a ball! nobody wants to deal with a chopped ball in a very nice paintball gun!

RGB LED Interface:

 This interface will work together with your microprocessor to provide you one of the best experiences! Your gun will tell you exactly how it feels so you will know when something is wrong. 

16-Bit Microprocessor: 

You can think of this as your paintball guns brain. This interface can take in up to a million instructions per second! Basically, this gun is a multitasking powerhouse that will not malfunction on you.

Ramping or Semi:

 With this amazing paintball gun you can choose between ramping or going semi automatic. Furthermore, it has a magnetic trigger return which will shock you how many balls you will be able to shoot per second!

I could keep going but I would be here all day. The last thing that you need to know is that this paintball gun is compliant with regulations of ALL Major Paintball Leagues. If you would like to view even more specs, click below.

  • It’s a great mid-weight gun
  • It features a very elegant design
  • It operates at a very low pressure
  • It’s both fast and accurate
  • Its recoil is minimal
  • It will not chop paintballs
  • It’s very easy to maintain
  • It has an auto-fire mode
  • It’s equipped with multiple firing modes
  • It’s easy to make customizations
  • Compliment with all Major Paintball Leagues
  • The two barrel system can become a little bit of a nuisance
  • If you would like a graphical OLED display you must upgrade the gun yourself

In conclusion, the Planet Eclipe ETEK 5 paintball gun has both pros and cons, just like any other available marker. Its flaws, however, are extremely minimal. Since it boasts an excellent design, a high level of accuracy and a very stylish look, it’s a great choice for both beginners getting into paintball and seasoned players! I hope you have enjoyed my review of the Planet Eclipse ETEK 5 paintball gun. If you choose to make this gun yours you will not be disappointed! If you think a different paintball gun is best for you check this best paintball gun list!