Spyder MR100 Pro Paintball Gun Review 2022

Spyder is a well established and well-known brand in the world of paintball guns. With a diverse range of guns, such as the Classic series markers that are perfect for paintball tournaments and MR series markers that are more tactical, Spyder has something for everyone. Available easily in stores and online on Amazon, the MR100 PRO is easy to get hands on. Selecting the best paintball gun can be rather confusing; having just the right barrel size for your shooting needs, the MR 100 PRO is perfect for beginners. Starting with guns that are easy to handle and use is most appropriate for paintball players looking to venture into the world of never ending paintballing tournaments.

Features of the Spyder MR100 Pro

Many consider the Spyder MR100 PRO one of best shooting guns for amateur paintballers. The Spyder MR100 PRO has been commended for its amazing features. . The price, falling under two-hundred dollars, may seem high for starters with a tight budget; but considering the professional, high quality special features and specs of the MR100 PRO, this is a fair retail price.

Some of the most remarkable features of the Spyder MR100 PRO include the starter tactical marker and double trigger. However, there are other features that make this paintball gun a must buy for players with a tight budget looking for professional quality paintball guns under 200 dollars.

Other features include:

A military style, semi-automatic marker: 

This Paintball maker allows for precision and control in the Spyder MR100 PRO when firing the shot. Moreover, this feature allows the user to control and manage the rate of fire combined with the ability to make difficult shots without unnecessary delay.

Patented Spyder EKO valve: 

Essentially a green concept, the Spyder EKO valve provides maximum optimization with a staggering 1600 shots average per every 20oz of CO2. Consequently, depending on patent approval, not only does it make the play more environmentally friendly but also reduces the overall cost of playing the game for people with a tight budget.

Durable, high-quality material: 

Though extremely light on the pocket, the makers of the Spyder MR100 have not compromised on the quality of the paintball gun. Top quality materials have been used in the strong aluminum trigger frame, steel braided horse line and Picatinny rail mounting to ensure durability, and to provide the ability to withstand wear and tear during high-intensity games.

Easy to use and operate:

Perfect for beginners and people who are newly venturing into the game, certain features make this paintball gun extremely easy to use. The user can access the bolt without using tools and the material and design provide a firm front grip. Additionally, the Spyder MR100 comes with an easy to collapse stock and rails. The availability of multiple Picatinny rails allows for accommodation according to a variety of playing situations. The two-finger trigger requires lesser energy and effort to press, thus allowing for a faster shooting rate. Moreover, the adjustable shoulder stock is suitable for cars, is easy to carry and requires less space.

Double trigger: 

This feature allows the use of two fingers, resulting a quicker response time.

10” micro ported barrel makes it faster and more military style: Selecting just the right barrel size can be quite a tedious task for beginners. For example, the simple task of understanding how barrel size influences the shot can be a tad bit complicated. Essentially, the speed of the paintball is measured at the tip of the barrel, so a 10” barrel would allow the ball to travel 2 inches farther than the 8” inch barrel.

Modern design: 

The sleek and slim design of the Spyder MR100 makes it easy to carry and use in high paced, powered games. The light weight (3lbs 3oz) allows for running and prolonged use for both beginners and professional players. Additionally, its black color combined with the anodized finish adds just the right amount of style to the Spyder MR100.

Compatible with both compressed air and Co2:

Either compressed air or Co2 can be used to fill the tank for pressure.

Higher degree of control: The velocity adjuster allows the user to determine what degree of a distance the paintball will cover when shot from the gun. This adjuster is essential in determining and maintaining the accuracy of the shot fired.

Anti-double-feed ball detent: 

A major annoyance for most paintball players is when two paintballs come out during a single shot. This might also result in the ball getting stuck during crucial games. The anti-double feed ball detent prevents this and ensures the free flowing of a single paintball per shot fired. The anti-double feed detent in the MR 100 can also be easily replaced when worn out.

Low cost of maintenance:

With affordable replacements parts, the MR 100 is extremely easy to maintain and low-cost add-ons can make it as good as it’s much pricier counterparts.

You can also purchase this paintball gun in a bundle if you do not have the necessary starting equipment for a better price.


One of the most striking benefits when deciding to invest in a Spyder MR100 PRO is the low cost of upgrading and replacement. Features like the velocity control and semi-automatic military style marker ensure a greater degree of shot control to the user. The Spyder MR100 is perfect for starters and beginners who want to venture into the world of paintball tournaments gradually. The user can enjoy the same features as any other professional paintball gun but with the ease of user friendliness. Therefore, for beginners, the Spyder MR100 PRO is a smart, green and long lasting investment.  A must buy for beginners, the gun can be easily purchased online via Amazon: