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What To Wear To Paintball? Complete Guide For Paintball Beginners

As you know, it is the era of technology and development, that people’s lives have become so simpler. The time has come, in the same way, that you don’t need a full military until you go on paintballing.

Here the question arises that what to wear to paintball and that is the most confusing question. So, the good news is that I have provided the equipment that you need to carry while going on paintballing in this article! That’s why to get full peace of mind, you need equipment along with you before going as hats, gloves, masks, and high-tops, etc.

Well, if you are finding it difficult to find the best tool that is suitable for paintball then take a deep breath and stick out this article.

So, here we go towards the detailed information of the paintballing!

How to Play Paintball?

Before talking about the appropriate paintball outfit to wear, let me teach you how to play paintball, as it is still an interesting topic to address. You not only need the necessary tools if you want to play paintball, but you also need the rules to play it.

So, let’s go to the way of playing paintball!

Paintballing is no doubt, a game full of fun and faster-moves, which is why at the same time you have to be swift and tricky. First of all, you need to provide ample knowledge about how to handle the gear gun during game-play.

Different types of guns

When you reach the game area or field, you will get a kit of accessories for the game that contains a mask, gloves, and paintball gun with a hopper. Additionally, you will get different types of guns that suit different levels of gamers as beginners and professionals.

So, choose wisely that which is best suited for you.

1. Proper trial of the Gun

After that, before staring at the game, either it works properly or not, you need to practice on the weapons. It’s the most significant aspect of the game that you need to do before playing the game. Also, carefully check the ability and potential of the gun to target the target rapidly.

2. Proper field to play game

Then find a suitable location in the right field to play the game and get to know the fundamental rules of gameplay. It is the most important aspect of the game where all game rules and regulations are to be readout.

3. Full attention and Team discussion

When you are shot by the gun, you will be out to keep the shooting from happening again and again. So, at that moment, it is necessary to leave the area. You have to pay full attention to both the game and your protection. It is also an important part to negotiate with game-mates when playing in the squad.

4. Important things to keep in mind

Following are some points to focus on before starting the game:

  • Take care of your safety precautions
  • If your gun jams during the game, keep in mind you scream JAM out! Do it as loud as you’re going to.
  • Do not spin inverted with your rifle!
  • Use your weapon in both hands
  • There should be one hand next to it, but never on the button

What to wear paintballing?

While you acquaint yourself in fighting, you, therefore, need to understand whatever you’ve to wear is essential. Unless you’re a paintball newcomer or a professional, it’s necessary to optimize for what to wear while paintballing. You will also see warriors who are already hunting for recommendations for footwear and accessories that can maintain their security and safety.

You will prosper from the data that I will present in this report, irrespective matter what type of player you are.


Remember that this would be safest to shield yourself with paintballs entering your bare skin. So, choose wisely the best paintball gloves for your good gaming experience.

As a means of securing your hands, you will also need to engage in a pair of gloves. Also, do remember that when you are playing paintball, your hands were some of the most extensively targeted components of your body. It primarily causes you to disclose them frequently, particularly if you throw your symbol or pistol at your competitors.

In the circumstance of such disturbances or changes in temperature, it is most suitable to wear a casual sleeve, that is slightly darker, a hoodie that so often coincides with a long-sleeved jacket, and a sweater as a replacement.

To make the sleeves the most recommended and preferred thing to use when playing paintball. It will increase the level of protection and shield the skin from being harmed by the firing of weapons.


Another most preferable product that is very essential for Pants during the game. As you know that paintballing is such a dangerous game that can harm you by gun shooting. So, if you want the best paintball pants then keep going through this as it will lead you towards the best choice for you.

Some masks covering the entire head, but then most masks only protect the face behind rather than back to the neck. Also, they are not very prominent and individuals do not be knocked in the side of the fence very much in real-world terms.

Make sure the paintball pants you’re sporting are all still wide and thick. Despite being heavy, the trousers, therefore, should still stop you going with grace. And being sturdy without everyone minimizing your emotions, can defend you from scrapes and bruises.

Probably, people are not targeting directly behind you, even though the only reason you normally get targeted on the top of its head is to look whenever a paintball moves at you.


Thus, you will need to spend in a paintball vest in most scenarios, also. This clothing product seems to be a more crucial item especially while you are intending to indulge in woods-ball. A covering designed to withstand corrections and damage also comes mostly with a vest.

Along with the several slots, the best vest in that you can participate seems to be that, encouraging you to keep anything that you want while you’re going on the field. Also, it includes a watch, monitor, trowel, water bottle, or same types of other personal objects including locks and bags.

The choice of the best paintball vest can still be a confusing job in this sense, but in this situation, you have to use a tricky mind. For the paintball, you should not neglect this product as it is also necessary for protection and ease.


Are you being a regular paintball player? If yes, then you might need to spend money on the mask as well. As a paintball professional decides to wear something like that on the pitch that will preserve his head and face, it is probably the most crucial component of safety equipment.

With either the assistance of a back the other way baseball cap or wool hat, except the mask or goggles, you can however hide your face and other areas of your face. In defending your head, most of these are necessary and important as well.

So, make sure you go with the best anti-fog paintball mask that protects your face. Keep in mind that you are looking for one that matches you easily even if you are looking for a mask. Frequently, try to ensure it keeps safely adhered to your head. If you are already driving, and doing other things during a fight, it’s doesn’t drop or slip down.

What’s interesting more about the greatest paintball mask is that a diverse range of types, different shapes, and sizes are now affordable and available in the market. The comfort coating and right-winged protection also result in high-class masks and goggles, both of which will make the problem quite manageable throughout the area.


Thus, the very first thing you have to consider before determining the kind of shoes you can wear once you start playing paintball. It is the kind of paintball you are going to start playing, whether something is a paintball marker or woods-ball.

Except for paintball cleats, I would just like to recommend some nice paintball cleats for you. They include stronger protection for the ankle and is still compact and flexible but has a steerer tube template engineered for hacking and momentum. There are a bunch of players working into this.

That the very first time, you attempt a mud competition seeing someone lose their footwear with snowboard boots, and you’ll be relieved that you’ve got the stronger field hockey cleats that can’t get from out.

If you want to play in simulation games, and those with appropriate ankle reinforcement are indeed the perfect paintball footwear for you. So, make sure you are using the best cleats for paintball.

Elbow Pads

When determining what else to cover when paintballing, security is the major element to understand strong, waterproof protective covering or many sheets of thin clothing is the safest method you can dramatically change whatever you choose to suit the conditions and situations.

That is the reason, you must have the protective elbow pads along with you to avoid any sort of injury.

Do you know, the elbow is a very delicate part of the body that can be injured during the game? Yes, it is true! While playing the game, you can fall and the elbow the thing that would be affected very soon and early. That is the reason, you must have the proper safety measurements with you to stay safe and protective.

Additionally, it is not such a confusing task that which measurements are necessary and essential for the game. This article is special written for you to get the complete guide about the instruments and equipment of paintball gaming. So, don’t worry about it!

Knee Pads

Moreover, the knee pads are the other most important and essential element that you need to keep in mind before going to play paintball. No doubt, during this risky game, any part of your body can be harmful. As to provide you full protection and safety Knee pads play an essential role in the game.

Moreover, the knee pads have designed with pods that provide you the full harness during the game. Along with the pads, you can also carry the additional paintballs with you. In this way, there will be no chances of any injury or risk.

Thus, the construction of the knee pads has been done in so many different sizes and types that you can choose. While going to buy this knee pad, you will see some have designed with horizontal and some have designed with vertical shape. You have to pick the one that is suitable for your position.

In short, while playing a game, you need to hold the pads even very close to your body parts. Similarly, you will need full ease and comfort during the game to focus completely on the target. That’s why you can not compromise on the safety measurements at all.


One of the most considerable paintball clothing for additional comfort and protection is Helmet. During paintballing, the head is the most sensitive part of the body, and the risk of injuries is more on the head.

So, you can never neglect the safety precautions for your head. Thus, the safety helmets for paintballing are very essential to wear. This will reduce the chances of injury or any misshape during the game as it is a bit risky game, you know.

But due to the risk and danger, you can only do is protection and safety. The helmets have designed with very sturdy material that can be very protective for heads. Either, you are a professional or a newbie in paintballing, you need all the safety and protection methods to experience successful paintballing.

Additional accessories for Paintballing

Above, I have briefly explained the essential accessories of paintballing. All these components are very helpful and necessary for gaming. You cannot play the proper game and get the excellent experience of paintballing until you have the complete kit of safety and protection precautions.

So, let’s move towards some additional safety measurement tools!

Long Sleeves for Paintballing

Go for long-sleeves even more than necessary when determining the best clothing to dress for the arms and shoulders. Until it comes to gaming paintball, that’s because the guideline is to guarantee that you should only display as little clothing as possible.

When you are wearing the long sleeves during the game, it will not only protect your arms and hand but also prevents your skin from severe weather conditions. In this way, it is the most suggested product for you to use during paintballing.

Ghillie Suits for Paintball

Do you know that paintballing is such an interesting game where you will face all sorts of risks and adventures? Meanwhile, you need to go with full preparation when going for this game. In this way, safety is the most top priority factor to consider when it comes to the equipment for paintballing.

In this manner, you will also get the chance of wearing a Ghillie suit that will help you during your targeting shoot. According to the research, many players of paintballing got this suit very comfortable and relaxing while wearing it during the game.

Wearing this suit will help you to enjoy a very memorable and successful paintballing. Hence, you can buy this suit from anywhere as from the market or online as well.

Some other essentials to Consider while playing Paintball

Besides all the necessary outfits and equipment for paintball, you also need some other things to consider for. While playing the game, you will face different types of weather conditions as winter, summer, rain, or windy atmosphere.

For this, also you must have the proper instruments with you as a water-bottle, towel, garbage bag, jacket, and some extra outfits.

1. Towel and Water-bottle

Thus, the towel is necessary for you to clean yourself from sweating or dusty hits. While the water-bottle is also a necessary thing to keep with you and I think you know it’s important as well as to prevents dehydration.

2. Garbage Bag

After that, a garbage bag is also a necessary tool to keep with you to put all the accessories in it. Also, when you need to change clothes, you can keep your dirty clothes in it. That’s why the bag or wallet is also necessary to carry with you.

3. Water-proof Jacket

Also, don’t forget to bring a waterproof jacket with you while coming for paintballing. As you know, during the game, you will experience different places and circumstances including weather conditions. So, must aware of the importance of a water-resistant jacket.

4. Cash

Moreover, if you bring some cash with you, it will be very helpful and good for you. As you know all the grocery stores or parks don’t have the facility of debit or credit card. So, keep in mind this factor as well and do a proper arrangement of this.

Tips for playing Paintball

Except for all the necessary equipment, here are some tips that need to keep in mind while playing paintballing!

  • Keep in mind the weather conditions before going to gaming. This will guide you to choose the proper clothing according to the weather condition.
  • Make sure you are keeping the right sweatshirt that will help you to reduce the pain when you are hit by a gun or something else. So, it is important to make the right choice for it.
  • Be aware that you do not have to keep too much thick or very thin clothes with you.
  • Also, the shirt or jacket you are choosing is easy to fit or strip away. Because anytime, you will need to change or wear it. So, it should be lenient enough.
  • When choosing the clothes, make sure you are choosing the old clothes for you as during the game you will need to run, crawl, or dive into the water. This will cause tearing the clothes so, bring old clothes with you.
  • For the paintball players, the layering is the most preferable thing for the good experience of paintballing. So, use the layering of clothes while going on the game.



1. Can you shoot a Paintball Gun without a Barrel?

Yes, you can shoot a paintball gun without a barrel but a barrel must avoid the risk. Because it is dangerous to play without a marker or barrel.

2. Is it good or bad to dry a Paintball gun?

As such it is not bad to dry a paintball gun as the dry shooting is a symbolizes growth since the emitted wind has not enough force to induce any danger without all the cartridge.

3. Can you play paintball with glasses?

The glasses worn by paintball players worldwide experience all too well about difficulties with your glasses that you should have comfortable holding your paintball hat.

4. Can Paintballs be frozen or not?

Yes, it can be preserved with paintball guns. Whereas when frozen, they neglect their form and this also rendering them inaccessible for a paintball match.

5. Can you wear a hat with a paintball mask?

Yes, you can wear a paintball mask hat without having any trouble with it.


Above I have explained all the best aspects and factors about what to wear to paintballing. After reading it completely, you can clear out all the ambiguity about paintballing equipment. As it is not such an easy task to find the required best product for you among all.

Therefore, to bear in mind when playing paintball, you just need certain crucial considerations and rules. It is not such a difficult game to play, and it is not too easy. So, as this article will benefit you a lot, you have to check out all the rules and game procedures.

If you have liked this article then do share your feedback in the comment section!


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